DiningEngine - The Most Powerful & Highly Customizable Restaurant, Cafe & Bistro WordPress Listing
DiningEngine - The Most Powerful & Highly Customizable Restaurant, Cafe & Bistro WordPress Listing

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How Dining Theme of EngineThemes works for your site!


An advanced search bar with different criterions is provided: Insert a keyword and choose the recommended one to explore more places.

Explore places without page reloads: No more page reloads needed and save your users tons of time surfing your dining restaurant website.

Nearby events: Easily obtain the information regarding the dining restaurant events in the local. You can quickly find a suitable one based on your need.



Displayed photo: Attract your viewers. Various product images will be displayed representing the restaurant and capture users’ attention in seconds.

Add events for the dining restaurant: Using the event feature to mark the important occasion of the posted restaurant.

Profile details: The user profiles provide much more details including the posted restaurants, the actions on site as well as the received reviews.


4 continuous & clear steps for an easier restaurant posting flow: Log in to your account, click “submit a restaurant” and let the flow lead you to successfully posting.

Details for the dining restaurant: Giving all the general information so that users can easily judge it: position, quality, hygiene, staffs,…

Add more custom fields using AE CustomFields extension: Create more fields to your posting forms and get as many information as you need.


View all details: place descriptions, the owner’s information... Click on a place then users will be redirected to its detailed page including all the main information.

Restaurant menu: Restaurant’s owner can show off all the best recipes of their place to attract customers.


Making reservation: With online booking form, users can easily make a reservation for their meeting. Just insert all the information and it’s done.

Review a dining restaurant: Give a positive or negative feedback with detailed comments. Users have the rights to give comments and ratings for any restaurant.

Contact place owners: Users can directly contact the place owner using private message system. Then they can continue the discussion in more details.


Different payment plans: Charge for listings based on different rates of single or premium plans. Featuring listings get more monetary reward.

Offered ad spaces: Using the widget and sidebar system to display advertisements, especially the custom ones. Different positions are provided.

DiningEngine is a powerful & highly customizable restaurant, cafe & bistro WordPress theme in the frontend! Read more.



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