Digmaa feels building a home should be an experience and not just a check list or process. We help Home Builders build relationships with their buyers throughout the building process via photos, videos, comments with each phase of the entire project. 

Digmaa also will be focusing on banks that give home construction loans, as they give the builder money in increments each stage of the build. We will help them avoid sending people from the bank to verify a certain phase is done and expedites the funding of projects without delay via Geo location.

Our site is open to the public, therefore builders/banks are able to show them they have a true relationship with their buyers leading to more sales and financing for them.

Keep in mind Vendors, Realtors, Contractors, Architect, Designers, and Lenders will all have an opporuniity to be attached to these projects along with promoting their personal goods.
The pain points are simple, the client are usually left without constant updates, tons of travel back and forth from their current home to their new home build and a relationship with the builder that usually is only there when they first start the project and quickly ends mid construction. 

The buyers are texting, calling, e-mailing the builder much more than they should to get updated on their home build causing the builder much headache and the buyer anxiety waiting for the reply. This can all be avoided.

As for banks, their pain is always sending advisors to each build they are funding to make sure certain phases are complete wasting time and money doing so.
Home Builders: We solve the issues the builder has with the client when it comes to updates and keeping the buyer well informed of the progress of their build through the multiple phases via photos, videos, and comment boards. Not to mention at the end of the build the buyer can download the whole experience to keep for long term memories. Digmaa will also have reviews that buyers can provide, giving new home buyers a chance to choose the right builder for them. 

Banks: We solve the issue with banks that they spend thousands a year on sending advisors to construction sites to confirm a certain phase is complete. With Digmaa they will be able to have the builder take proper photos/videos of what is needed to fund the next phase and confirm the location via geo location.
There is over 175k home builders in the USA alone, and credit unions serve over 96 million Americans (many that build).

We will charge at three different price points $69, $129, or $199 monthly to use our software, and banks $299/$499/ or $799/Month. Our concept has endless opportunities. 

If a builder gets ONE sales as a referral from our site it pays for years of monthly costs for Digmaa making it well worth it for them in the long run. 

We also will be providing builders with analytics, showing them which projects are being viewed the most (allowing them to adjust the type of home they should be building. View on profile, and different photos.
Houzz.com is the closest thing to us, but their focus is on Decor and the finished product. Co-Construct.com is another competitor but we feel they are not open enough to the public and go in a fully different direction than Digmaa.
Distribution Model
We will make our product available through apps, and online.

Our marketing program will be focused on social media, word of mouth, and attending different builder events. As well as building a base locally with builders to further get our name out there.

If you see a builder on our site, and they are getting more traction then others. More builders will come.
Milestones Achieved
Our goal is to launch in spring of 2014. At this point we have our website under construction and making major efforts on functionality, look, and feel. 

Apps will start early 2014, and before launch beta testing.
Management Team
Our two founder have experiences in the Finance industry, the IT industry, and software industry. 10+ years in each per co-founder.
Make sure to go to www.digmaa.com today and sign up for our beta launch in 2014!
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