Digitz™ is a social media-bridging app that allows users to create a profile consisting of their phone number, email address, and social networking accounts (Facebook™, Twitter™, Instagram™, LinkedIn™, and Google+™) to help people become “Completely Connected”. Through geo-sensitive technology and social networking channels, Digitz™ allows users to effortlessly connect to others on all communication platforms in just 3 simple clicks.




In today’s world people communicate via phone, email, and social networks. While these platforms facilitate connection, they fail to connect with one another. Consequently, users lose valuable time as they try to retrieve contact information from various platforms in order to fully connect to family, friends, and acquaintances. Furthermore, when individuals change their contact information, they face the inconvenience of notifying their family, friends, and associates of those changes. No service consolidates social media and contact information so that users can update, view, and toggle through these details in a unified and easy-to-view profile platform.



Our social media-bridging app, Digitz™, addresses the challenges and inconveniences inherent in multi-channel social networking by consolidating this information in one convenient platform. After downloading the app, users create their Digitz™ profile by uploading a photo, and then entering their phone number, email address, age, gender, social network accounts, and other optional personal data. Users can then request to connect with other Digitz™ users through their address book, social media channels, or smartphone’s geo-sensitive technology. For close proximity exchanges or for first-time encounters, Digitz™ users with smartphones can leverage their phone’s geo-sensitive technology to recognize all other Digitz™ profiles within a 150-foot radius. This detection allows users to easily exchange “Digitz™” in 3 clicks of a button (collectively). Each user will choose what information is shared in the Digitz™ profile exchange, allowing for customizable privacy.


Once users have connected on Digitz™, their received profiles will be listed in a “Friends” section of the app. When users click on a friend’s name, that friend’s profile is opened in a window that allows the user to toggle through each of that friend’s social network profiles without exiting the app.

One of the most exciting features of the app is the convenient update and exchange of new contact information. When users change a phone number, email, or address on their Digitz™ profile, that information automatically updates on the phones of all of their Digitz™ contacts. If users lose their phone, they can easily retrieve their contacts by downloading the app on their new phone and logging into their Digitz™ account.

We expect Digitz™ to become the standard method to easily exchange all forms of contact information in the social, business and academic spheres in order to help the world become “Completely Connected”.

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