Diggernaut - cloud based web scraping service
Diggernaut - cloud based web scraping service

This project has already launched.

Diggernaut is cloud based web scraping service aimed for everyone. Even if you know nothing about programming, you still can build web scrapers using point & click application. Professionals and techs can use scraping meta-language to build web scrapers and cover websites of any complexity.

Diggernaut provides complete platform from web scraper developments, deployment, management, data validation and datasets export. You can schedule your scrapers for run, get notifications on completion and data push to thousands of other cloud apps via Zapier. You can download datasets manually in various formats and if required you can completely automate your work with platform using REST API: run scrapers and get data on the fly or push it to any destination in asynchronous mode.

Diggernaut has a lot of useful features:

  • Nested data structures support
  • OCR functionality
  • Automated data validation using JSON Schema
  • Custom JS execution support
  • Selenium support
  • Compilation service: get scraper executable for windows/mac/linux and run it locally
  • Import data to Tableau easily with the Diggernaut WDC
  • Ability to run scrapers in update mode


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