Dialect: A game about language and how it dies
Dialect: A game about language and how it dies

This project has already launched.

"...a language-building story-telling thing of beauty”


Your story is the language.

Dialect follows a community in isolation through the evolution of their language. We explore how the community’s speech changes as they face challenges, establish values and contrast themselves from what they’ve left behind. We’ll embody people within the Isolation and use their emergent language together. In the end, we’ll witness the decline of the language as the community loses its identity.

A highly modular world-building game, Dialect can be played in any setting where a group may find itself totally isolated - be it physically or culturally.

A story game for 2-5 players in 3 hours


Hello, friend! We are Thorny Games: Kathryn Hymes and Hakan Seyalioglu, two cryptolinguists who love to play. We're passionate lovers of RPG, language and mathematics and do everything we can to share those passions with others through play.

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