develop and propose a better SLS design
develop and propose a better SLS design


@@@@ this is the FIRST EVER crowdfunded ROCKET design @@@@

Design the basic concept of a better and cheaper SLS and propose it for future space explorations.

I seek funds to design the basic concept of a better and cheaper SLS, then suggest it for future space explorations.

I was, and still am a TRUE space-blogging/ of projects precursor and pioneer.

My interest in space exploration began at the age of ten; I wrote my first article, in Italian, in February 2003.

Please visit my website for more information:

A couple of days after the Shuttle Columbia accident happened I reviewed the possible causes of the disaster.

Then, on September 15th, 2005, my Italian website was translated into English and moved from computer and web discussions to space and science.

One example of my new work is "The CREWLESS Space Shuttle".

Later, on August 9th, 2006, I commenced my ghostNASA space-blog on Blogger and on August 17, 2006, I purchased the domain and written my first article on the new blogon August 22, 2007.

My contents include several dozens of articles about space and also tens of thousands of posts and comments on dozens of news/space/science blogs and forums around the world.

In my sites and blogs, I've proposed dozens of ideas and innovations for space hardware and the best strategies to explore space.

Such things include the "FAST-SLV" or the "underside-LAS", but the most important is the "Moonrovers Prize Competition", proposed in December 2005 and proposed (the same month) to Google (and to other companies) that 20 months later was identified as the """Google""" Lunar X Prize.

Then, finally, on January 16, 2008, I registered the domain name NewSpaceAgency and started a website to seek funds to start my own company with an advertising/crowd-funding type of campaign.

Once again, pioneering sites like IndeGoGo and Kickstarter, that were born much later!

Visit the findings here on this web archive.

Unfortunately, the crowd-funding like fundraising hasn't been successful, but now I'm trying again to raise the funds to create my own company and to develop and propose other space projects, such as my (better and cheaper) version of the Space Launch System, aka SLS.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the SLS (which often I call the "$L$") since it needs too much money and time to develop and build (and because I'm for a different strategy and architecture for future space explorations).

However, since NASA absolutely want to build the SLS (and is already investing many billion$ in this project) I've decided to suggest a DIFFERENT design of this rocket (of which I already have some better and innovative concepts in mind) to help to (at least) save part of its huge R&D money and to see the SLS fly much sooner than planned (that now is around 2017 or later for the first unmanned test launch and 2021 or later for the first manned mission).

Of course, with such low amounts of funds, I can't make a "full project" of my idea of SLS but I can only develop a better concept, patent some innovative ideas used in the project, pay some professionals to proofread all texts (since English isn't my mother language) make high quality drawings of the rocket and some amazing animations of this new SLS.

Then I will show to all how it works, from lift-off to the Earth’s orbit, and more.

All these things, with all data, drawings, details and animations, will be published as soon as possible (my hope is to have everything ready within six to nine months) on one of my websites (maybe on ghostNASA) or on a new, specially built, site, entirely devoted to MY version of the SLS rocket, that, of course, will explain in detail WHY my idea is BETTER than the current (flawed) one.

When NASA decided (in 2005) to develop TWO different (and incredibly expensive) rockets for future space explorations (the Ares-1 and Ares-5, that cost over $10 billion of R&D before being deleted) I was the FIRST to suggest building only ONE (simpler, cheaper and more reliable) rocket for the next Moon missions (like the Saturn V of the Apollo program) that I've called SLV ("Single Launch Vehicle") in my April 12, 2006 article.

In this May 21, 2006 article, I've proposed a much more powerful, cheaper and easy to develop SLV built around three standard SRBs and three SSMEs.

But the absolute best and cheapest SLV (that I've suggested in May 12, 2006) was the "FAST-SLV" whose concept was planned to use also the Shuttle ET to save further time and money.

All my articles above were posted with links on several space and science forums and blogs.

Well, the first version of the SLS (that is expected to fly in 2017 with a 70 mt payload) should be nearly THE SAME as my "FAST-SLV" concept, with two SRB (each with 5 segments instead of four) four SSMEs (instead of three) and slightly bigger core-stage tanks.

Unfortunately, due to several reasons, the 70 mt SLS (that is 95% similar to my "FAST-SLV") not only should not be ready to fly before 2017 or later (OVER ELEVEN YEARS AFTER MY "FAST-SLV" CONCEPT) but should (also) cost 5-10 TIMES MORE (dozens of billion$) since developed and built FROM SCRATCH.

That's why I've developed MANY new ideas of evolved missions' architectures and more advanced, cheaper, safer and reliable rockets (including over a dozen better versions of the SLS) to replace the (11+ years outdated) planned version of SLS.

Of course, the money raised with this crowd-funding campaign, will be used (since it is just enough) to develop and propose only ONE of these better SLS concepts.

All ideas, concepts and patents developed for the new SLS rocket proposed in this crowd-funding campaign and all its rights will be sole property of the inventor and author (me) of this (better) SLS project and of no one else.

Regarding my rewards for the donors; since (as said above) the funding goal of this campaign (less the FundRazr and PayPal fee and less the taxes applied) is just enough for the project, unfortunately, I can't give any (valuable nor cheap) reward (not even a t-shirt) to the supporters and donors of this campaign.

The only thing I can give to all them is to put their names, or the names of their companies (with a link to their sites or blogs and the amounts donated) in a page of my ghostNASA blog (if the new SLS project will be published on that blog) OR on a new-SLS website (if the project will be published on a dedicated blog) that, for the ENTIRE LIFE of the (ghostNASA OR dedicated) blog that will host my SLS project.

Also, if my SLS concept is adopted (in whole or in part) by NASA, other rewards (which I can neither predict nor promise the value or nature of now, but that may be space-related) "could" be given away for free in future (with values matching or exceeding the amounts donated) to the donors of this campaign.

Lastly, if you don't want to make any donation but, regardless, you want to support my projects (about space, science, internet, energy, etc.) you can buy one or more of the domain names, quotes, gadgets, etc. that I propose in my global website.

If the amount raised will exceed the funding goal, the additional funds will be used for other amazing hi-tech and projects.

Advertising on the newSLS website and/or sponsorizations of this crowdfunding project (from companies, websites and investors) are welcome (send me a mail for more info) while, contributions or donations from Google, are NOT welcome.

If you're an American taxpayer, just fund this project to see (maybe) your money (over $17.7 billions in 2014) much better used by NASA.

In the mean time, you can download my FREE desktop wallpaper, that can be resized, with any graphics software, for different screen resolutions. How would the sky at night appear if we had more than one moon? Well, this is a possible image of the Earth's sky with FOUR moons: Many Moons around the Earth. One is our moon; the three other moons are Europa, Io and Callisto.

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