Detect Earth Episode 2: Inside Streams
Detect Earth Episode 2: Inside Streams

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Detect Earth Episode 2: Inside Streams


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Detect Earth Series

     Clover is a pet ferret who believes she's a private detective with a mission to solve mysteries in her owners' apartment. In the process, Clover connects us to the wondrous world of ecology by discovering the many interactions between the average home and the natural environment. In the pilot episode "When Life Gets Stinky," Clover solves her first mystery with the help of Walter the Great Dane. In the process she learns that stinky trash is actually part of the nutrient cycle, and that without this, there would be no apartment! With her first mystery solved, Clover agrees to have Walter join her as an assistant, and so our story begins!

Episode 2: The Water Cycle

    Our fearless detective Clover has discovered another mystery. This time a strange indoor stream (the sink) is running through the apartment. How can this be? There is only one way to find out! The Detective Method. Join our hero as she uncovers the wondrous water cycle and how humans and their furry friends fit into this scientific miracle. Along the way Clover learns about where our drinking water comes from, how the nutrient cycle is tied in, what happens to our waste water, and how we need the water cycle just as much as the fish and frogs.

Sublime House Media

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