Destiny 1
Destiny 1

This project has already launched.

Destiny 1 is a dating app that uses the ancient sciences of astrology & numerology as algorithms to help you find your mate, as well as a new concept in matchmaking called Destiny Pairing. All while saving you time, energy and money.  


Destiny 1

In today’s globalized world, where the world economy is controlled by a handful of people, launching start-ups and entering into the global market is more difficult than it ever was. Not only do transnational corporations offer a tough competition but the budget and resources required for marketing campaigns are limited for the new start-ups. No matter how powerful the idea is, a huge percentage of start-ups fail because they don’t have the budget to advertise in the global market unless backed by strong investors.

Destiny 1 is a company organized to develop a software application for handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearable computers, which make use of the new media technology. The company aims to engage in mobile function development. We are currently working on developing a dating application ‘Destiny 1’. The application to be developed will enable mobile device owners to accomplish, finding your destiny pairing mate using authentic astrology and numerology algorithms.

“Destiny 1” will provide function and innovation with the application. With this application, we aim to tap into the vast potential of modern mobile devices, helping owner experience its functionality to the highest level. We intend for the application to become a leading mobile app at a global level and will accomplish this with a strong social media marketing campaign.

The blueprint of the application has been developed and initial research had been carried out. However we require 25,000 U.S. Dollars to execute our business plan for Destiny 1. We want to sit down with Milagro Apps, a company thats going to develop the app, and take it to market. We want to get everything together, then well come back after that, and raise the eveluation quite a bit. The funds you invest will be used to organize; a 2 day workshop to provide, a business plan, an executive summary, a pitch deck, a clickable prototype or proof of concept, to re design our social media pages, and to publicize our website and making people preregister.

Invest in our business plan once and reap benefits for decades as we foresee Destiny 1 ruling the global market in the nearest future.

Thank you!

Darrell Muhammad-El



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