Desolation Nation
Desolation Nation

Desolation Nation is a post apocalyptic board game where players work together in to gather loot and fight with other tribes until only one team survives.

Desolation Nation is a strategy based RPG board game geared towards groups of players exploring, looting, and surviving in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Teams of players, or tribes, work together to brave the dangers of the wasteland, ruined cities, old farms, and other dangerous areas before they run out of precious resources. Every player must gather whatever equipment they can find before the inevitable shortage of water forces tribes to fight each other for what little resources remain. Gather weapons, break into military bases, fend of zombies or mutate yourself into a giant monster in a desperate attempt to survive the Desolation Nation!

Desolation Nation is a board game created by Troy Howe and Rochell Johns. We love board games and fantasy games and hope to share our passion with others!

Below is an example of our tiles for the board!

Below is an example of our cardgame backs!

We also have some videos to get everyone in the mood to play!!

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