Global Lost & Found Cases
Global Lost & Found Cases


DeviceHound - A range of high quality, highly protective phone and tablet cases - incorporating a Global Lost & Found Service.

All DeviceHound cases Include a lost & found service - using traditional and new technology.  Most lost property would be returned to their owner if they were easy to contact.

Each DeviceHound product includes the unique lost & found service for 2 years which is the average lifespan of a device.  A unique reference code is either etched, embossed, engraved or contained on a DeviceHound plastic card (below) within the case itself or for those that want to use their own case via "Smart" labels that are applied to a case or the back of a device. Cases will be registered to their owners online or through the DeviceHound App (or by phone if preferred).

Should the item be lost or misplaced an official, local police, airline of member of the public can report the item as found by internet, App, email, telephone (24/7), internal airline telex system.

DeviceHound will then instantly send the owner and an alternative registered contact a Text message and email to reunite the owner with their phone or tablet.  If we hit our stretch goal a message will also appear on the lost device even when locked. DeviceHound will also be able to arrange a courier to return the device (at additional cost).

Initially with your support there will be a range of leather and leather style cases in book and flip format available for:

  • Universal Holster (below)
  • iPhone 6 / 6+
  • iPhone 5 / 5S
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Latest iPad, Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy


Thank you for looking and please back us.

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