This project has already launched.

This is the first DESIGN MOON CALENDAR 2018 worldwide. Based on colour codes of the Panton & Eames Aera. Format: 70x100 cm. What's the Idea of this MOON CALENDAR?

We were looking for a nice Moon Calendar, but we did not find any nice Calendar. And those we found were not perfect. Nearly all Calendars had mistakes with the Moon Phases. The most Moon Calendars do not exactly fit with the real astronomy phases. So we did it ourselves and build this Design piece over weeks. Every moon was drawn in Illustrator and compared with a professional, special astronomy Site on the Internet!

Every moon phase brings a new wave of moods and behaviors, all affecting us differently! Understanding and utilizing the energy of the moon phases will help stabilize and improve your mood, keeping you grounded during all of the crazy transitions. It's not simply a Calendar, it's also a tool for your lifestyle :-) This is the way where astronomy meets astrology, or you can simply use this calendar as a calender with a huge Design Impact on your wall ;-)

Help us to get this nice Design Calendar produced! Thank you!


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