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 NOTE: This project's currency is MXN. When converting to USD, you will find that the numbers are much more lower than what it initially looks like! 1USD=19MX$


Welcome to Jagger & Jones! The world’s best independent design consultancy NYC based.

Your special skills are: Design, research, brainstorming, and pitch.

In this story-heavy visual novel you’ll encounter angry clients, challenge, romance and thrilling adventures. 

The game will teach you a couple of things about design! Such as design theory/skill-building fun game also glimpse what a pressure-cooker the real life advertising industry is. 

In Design Hero you will learn how to work with the creative team to survive deadly clients. Depending on your decisions you will improve your relationship with your colleagues, maybe you can discover your new love or your new enemy. The projects will grow in impact from small restaurants, to international artists and also participate in design tournaments!



¡Bienvenido a Jagger & Jones! La mejor agencia independiente de diseño del mundo, en NYC.

Tus habilidades espaciales son: Diseñar, investigar, brainstorming y pitchear. En esta visual novel encontrarás clientes enojados, retos, romance y aventuras emocionantes. En Design Hero Studio tienes que aprender a trabajar con tu equipo para sobrevivir a los encuentros con los clientes. Dependiendo de tus decisiones mejorarás tu relación con ellos, o quizá descubras un nuevo amigo, amor o enemigo. Los proyectos crecerán de entre pequeños restaurantes a artistas internacionales así como participar en torneos de diseño para ganar trofeos. 


 "Have you ever felt lost? It is assumed that after finishing college you should have an idea of the direction you want to take in you life. But I feel completely confused and uncertain".

Your player is going to meet with a cast of crazy characters that will help to develop unique skills as art direction, copywriting and many others.

Will you become the next creative rockstar?


“¿Te haz sentido perdido? Dicen que al acabar la universidad deberías tener al menos una idea de la dirección que deberías tener en la vida, pero yo me siento completamente confundido”. 

Tu jugador conocerá a varios personajes alocados que te ayudarán a desarrollar habilidades como dirección de arte, copywriting entre otras.

¿Te volverás el siguiente rockstar creativo?















 Why this story? In the past we made mythical or magical adventures in different genres, but this time we did not only wanted to make a present time story, but to have relatable and human characters. Not only independent strong women, but also characters with different racial backgrounds that normally have small presence in films and almost invisible in video games. There are more characters in the team of Jagger & Jones that you will know though the story.


¿Porqué esta historia? En el pasado hicimos historias míticas o mágicas en diversos géneros, pero esta ves queríamos realizar una historia en los tiempos modernos con personajes humanos relacionables. Como mujeres fuertes e independientes, o con diversidad racial que normalmente tienen muy pequeña presencia en cintas y casi invisibles en los juegos. 

Así como el cast mostrado de Jagger & Jones existen mas personajes que integran el equipo.






We needed an upbeat but not cliche style so we are working with the talented Taylor Ambrosio Wood that holds an M.M. in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games from The Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain, and a B.M. in Percussion Performance from The Boston Conservatory of Music. She is working hard to make the music identity with a strong personality.



Necesitábamos un ritmo animado pero no cliche, por lo que trabajamos con la talentosa Taylor Ambrosio Wood, que tiene un M.M. en Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games de The Berklee College of Music en Valencia, Spain, y un B.M. en Percussion Performance del The Boston Conservatory of Music. Está trabajando duro para que la identidad musical tenga gran personalidad.





The initial goal of $6,000 will pay for the three chapter game, but if we reach the stretch goals we can make the wishlist happen, like the mobile and console version, more chapters, more languages and voices!


La meta inicia de $6,000 cubrirá los primeros 3 capítulos del juego, si logramos las stretch goals lograremos que suceda la wish list, como la versión móvil y de consola, mas capítulos, lenguajes y voces.


Stretch goals are only the beginning. Unlock enough backer achievements by sharing this Kick starter or submitting fan art.


Ademas de las Stretch goals puedes desbloquear logros de backer compartiendo este Kickstarter o mandando fan art. 








Technical aspects 

Release date: January 2018. Rating All ages (features no explicit sexual content) The game is recommend for those of high school age and up. Supported OS Windows 7/8.. Format Steam download or physical USB System Requirements CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO compatible or higher Memory: 1GB of RAM (2GB is recommended) VRAM: 320MB (512MB or higher recommended) Screen resolution: 1280x720 or higher (16:9) HDD: TBA Other: A video card which supports DirectX 9.0c or above is required.           A sound card which supports DirectSound is required.  


Gerardo Garcia. Story & Development 


Wendolyn Santacruz. Business & Development 


Alejandro Tio. Artist, freelancer 


Carlos Combaluzier. 3d Artist, freelancer   


Taylor Ambrosio wood. Music

Spencer Carter. Voice acting

Communications and marketing Partners 

Alejandra Madrid (Sushi Studio)

Akinaba is focused to make multi platform games with original concepts for people normally don't represented in games. The first project is Design Hero Studio a visual novel focused in the advertising world for pc, mobile devices and Vr. Learn more at:

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Risks and challenges

This is a big project. There are multiple languages and lots of moving pieces and something could always go wrong or slow things down. We're committed to delivering a high quality, finished product, in a timely manner to all of you. We're going to be as transparent as possible with updates as we progress and if anything does go wrong/get slowed down we'll let you know right away.

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