Demon Espionage
Demon Espionage

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We need the help of generous backers like you on Kickstarter as we have a fabulous game here and we wish to distribute it worldwide. Every contribution will be used to make Demon Espionage a better game. Content and artworks will be added as the game hits its stretch goals and therefore, your pledge makes the cunning devils more cunning and the angry monsters angrier.

  • Join the Fun! - It's just the beginning for Demon Espionage and our company.
  • Huge discounts! – At least 5 USD off Base game(MSRP $30 USD) 
  • KS-Limited Exclusive content! -Unique content only for Kickstarter backers.
  • Stretch Goals Galore! - Your pledge WILL improve our game!
  • Beautiful illustrations! – Be allured by the beautiful artwork.
  • Money-back guarantee! – We spent countless hours and effort to make the game really enjoyable for you. However, if for some reason the game is not to your liking, just send it back to us and we will issue you a full refund of your pledge.
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To keep the cost low for everybody, our social stretch goals would mostly involve new artworks to replace existing copies. For the last tier of each goal, we will add a free and unique card to the base game. If you unlock all of them,  you will get 6 new artworks and 3 bonus cards to the game!


Zone 1: USA, Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Spain, Germany, France,China

Zone 2: Canada, Australia, Greece, UAE, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria, Japan

After consulting numerous bulk fulfillment firms, the cheapest yet most efficient way for us is to ship via SingaporePost. In addition, we, the creators will also be the ones to pack and send out your game in our effort to keep the price low! This not only keeps customs fees & VAT to the lowest but also guarantees speedy postage.

For tracking postage, please add an additional $3 SGD to your pledge (Same for all countries and pledges)


 For interested retailers or anyone interested in getting more than 6 copies, please contact us at

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