Demon Esiponage
Demon Esiponage

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 Demon Espionage Synopsis:

As the prophecy foretold, the underworld's Overlord has been assassinated by the Rebels. The souls from the Overlord, which once granted him the power to rule over the underworld have been released into the Forgotten Land as a result of his sudden death. There are two factions now in pursuit of the scattered souls; the Rebels, outlaw demons that plotted the assassination of the overlord, and the Shadows, loyal guards of Satan. The faction with the most souls will be the ruling party of the underworld.  



















Undead Viking review:

Board Gaming at Home playthrough:

Never Bored Gaming review:

Beyond the Box review:

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  • Join the Fun! - It's just the beginning for Demon Espionage and our company. 
  • Huge discounts! – $8 USD off MSRP for backers!
  • KS Exclusive content! -Unique content only for Kickstarter backers. 
  • Stretch Goals Galore! - Your pledge will improve our game! 
  • Beautiful illustrations! - Be allured by the beautiful artwork. 
  • Money-back guarantee! - We spent countless hours and effort to make the game really enjoyable for you. However, if for some reason the game is not to your liking, just send it back to us and we will issue you a full refund of your pledge.

Yes! This seemingly harmless Para-Saurus is only available here on Kickstarter. 

The first thing people see is the box and that aught to be an exclusive right!






 Each pledge level above is cumulative with the previous ones, so, for $27 USD, you would get all of the above.


Yes! An image of your choice will be drawn onto a personalized card and included in our base game with your signature on it. The Overlord bundle also comes with free shipping worldwide.











The completion of each tier 1 of goal will unlock a new artwork to replace the existing ones. The completion of both tier 2 goals will unlock a free and unique card to the base game. (Backers have the exclusive rights to vote on the new artworks.)












Zone 1: USA, Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, Spain, Germany, France and China     

Zone 2: Canada, Australia, Greece, UAE, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Austria and Japan

For tracking postage: Please add an additional $3 SGD to your pledge.


For interested retailers or bulk orders, please contact us at





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