Demon Blaster VR
Demon Blaster VR

This project has already launched.

Hi, my name is Roland, I've been making games since I was 11 on a TI83 calculator and developing ever since. I have a deep passion for old-school games, and my last title was a love letter to that affection. Since Daydreamer I've experimented with different ideas, but after being exposed to virtual reality, it totally changed my perspective. 

As early as it is, I can see the potential VR has to offer; however, there are a few quirks still need to be ironed out. One thing that frustrates me is this teleportation mechanic everyone seems to use when developing their game. This solution breaks the immersion and doesn't feel all that intuitive. Most developers will settle for this, or they will alternatively add a locomotion method that moves at a snail pace to avoid any chance of motion sickness. For myself and other people I've talked to, this was never a pressing issue. Admittedly there have been times I felt dizzy, but this was something I quickly grew out of over time. I think there are some growing pains we all still have yet to endear, but it should be treated no different from riding a roller coaster. Orientation is also an issue, and I always find myself getting entangled with wires while turning. Till wireless headsets and Omni tracks become a thing, I believe adding a Left/Right rotation on the Dpad could be a suitable solution. Another thing I picked up on was, everyone I knew who owned a VR setup rarely ever own more than one which irked to develop a game that could be played co-op with or without a headset.

Demon Blaster at it core is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Like many MOBAs, maintains key principals such as three-lane routes, base cores, towers and hordes of NPCs. However, it simplifies the model by eliminating the leveling up and creeping aspect; also the obvious of being VR accessible.In fact, the game is built from the ground up with this mind, giving you the freedom to explore the world and interact with your surroundings.

Map Designs:

  • Facing Worlds  - creates multiple tactical bottlenecks, with several alternative routes.
  • Labyrinth - delegates your forces into sparse patches of disarray within the confines of the maze.
  • Blood Bath Arena - Condenses forces to a center of the map.

NPC Character Classes:

  • Berserker - Heavy close range fighter, with wide area damage
  • Caster - Powerful long-range ability, with evasive teleporting maneuvers
  • Light Melee - Light close range fighter, quick on their feet with a wieldy bite
  • Light Caster - Light mid-range caster
  • Paladin - Heavy armor with healing ability
  • Rogue  - Stealthy assassin, quick on their feet

The game's style is greatly inspired by titles such as Psychonauts, dungeon keeper and Earthworm Jim. It goes for a cartoonish zany, surreal motif with-in a spooky demonic setting. 

One thing I tried to really push was an emphasis on the animation. I love seeing characters exhibit exaggerated poses, crazy stretchy limbs, and heavy overlap action. We don't get to see this often in the 3d games, and I feel these details can bring a game to life.

The game is ranked across both platforms based on the Elo ranking system; which is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess but is implemented in most modern games to date. Scores will also be posted real-time on Steam and the Game's official homepage.

  • 8-12 New Maps
  • 4-8 New NPC Character Classes
  • 4-8 New Player Abilities
  • Survival Mode

Stretch Goals ($100,000+):

  • Single Player Campaign 

Risks and challenges

Video games are very involved efforts that require an extraordinary amount of work. This project, in particular, will involve many challenges beyond most conventional Indie games. VR is still very new to the developer community, and making multiplayer games is something new for me. That being said I would not feel comfortable embarking on this project without fully being assured I could pull it off.

Demon Blaster at its current state does have a functioning prototype with a multiplayer backend that is VR and non VR accessible. Most of what is come will be built off this. It is also fair to say I am quite capable working as the sole developer, given my experience working on my last title which launched on PC and Console with little to no resources. However, this project is much more ambitious than my last and will definitely require backing of some sort. That being said, I strive to be realistic in my expectations and vow to be transparent throughout the entirety of the project. For my backers, each month I will produce an update video and have a live chat Q&A via Twitch.

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