Declaration: The Bug War #1 - an Era: The Consortium Comic
Declaration: The Bug War #1 - an Era: The Consortium Comic

This project has already launched.

A few years ago, we created a game with an epic 500 years of history. 

Creating that game, Era: The Consortium, was the realisation of a dream for our team. We created a Sci-Fi universe with the richness and depth that we always wanted to see in games.

Bringing together a team of amazingly talented writers, artists and creators, we made something that we're incredibly proud of. It was, however, something we thought we'd never be able to fully describe because of the towering scope of all that history.

We decided to start making comics about the important characters in the universe. Using this medium, which lets you see into the world we've created in a way we'd initially never imagined, we have been able to tell some great character-focused stories.

This Kickstarter represents the beginning of an anthology about the Bug War, one of the greatest world-changing events of Era: The Consortium's history. 

We're going to start with the story of Hai-Xang Hayden, the most important figure in the beginning of the war.




Being a rebel is easy when you're young and rich and your single mother doesn't have any time for you. Hai-Xang Hayden has lived a life without limitations. Well, what do you expect when your mother is head of the most powerful commercial entity in existence? But then it changed, with...

First Contact... 
First Contact...

When her mother is killed by an unknown alien species during First Contact, the responsibility for everything Hai-Xang has taken advantage of in her life falls on her.

She wasn't ready...

A message from her mother is all she has left... 
A message from her mother is all she has left...

This story is about Hai-Xang's realising that she isn't as different from her mother as she had first thought.

It's also about the harsh reality that if you're commercially powerful, it's very difficult to be politically neutral. A war is coming and it's up to Hai-Xang to make the world grow up with her to face it.

Hai-Xang addresses the Senate... 
Hai-Xang addresses the Senate...



The Consortium is in a time of growth.

For a hundred years, Consortium civilisation has spanned two star systems, connected by wormholes. The discovery of another wormhole, leading to the outskirts of a third solar system, created an opportunity few could resist.

When an alien species was discovered on one of the planets, the largest corporations moved to contact them, and control them. The Big Seven each sent a representative to meet this new species. Chief among them was Asya Hayden, CEO of the largest and most powerful company in the Consortium, Hayden Bank...


When Asya Hayden did not return, the control of this great company fell to her daughter, Hai-Xang, a party girl best known for being either drunk or hung over, as well as taking little responsibility for the family name or image.


With war looming over the Consortium, Hai-Xang is the only hope of uniting the forces of each company to save humanity.



Ed Jowett and Johnathan Lewis have been writing together in the Era: The Consortium universe for years now, and have produced some well-received work. Apart from the Era: The Consortium Core Rulebook and its Expansions, which recently Kickstarted very successfully, they have created 2 comics which are available through this Kickstarter in the Catch-Up Packs. Johnathan's experience of 15 years in the industry copy writing is the perfect compliment to Ed's enthusiasm for the universe and encyclopedic knowledge of Science Fiction, making them a great team!

Brian Brinlee has brought the universe to life with his wonderful pencils and inks. We had a great time showing what this period of the Consortium's history looked like, and we're looking forward to working with him again on future projects!

Sathit Kaew is an experienced colourist who has worked with us on multiple occasions now, including on the recently Kickstarted Lacuna #1. He's fantastic to work with and we're pleased to welcome him back!











30% Fulfillment - Because we know you want to actually receive this comic when it's done!

10% Kickstarter + Processing fees - Kickstarter takes its cut and processing fees are 3-5%... Anything that's extra on here will go towards Bug War #2!

20% Bug War #2 - We all love Era: The Consortium comics and want to bring you another instalment in his story. If we can get enough from this remaining 20%, we'll be bringing you Bug War #2!

40% Artists and Writers - Well, we gotta pay them something! They did all the work!










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