Declaration of Consciousness Movement
Declaration of Consciousness Movement

A Vision of Common Sense in Action!

It is time for the people to demand that corporations, countries, and their leaders operate through a Conscious Code of Ethics. Your support will help us develop a system of conscious commerce and create a new global marketplace for the future. The time has come to deliver consciousness through enterprise, entertainment and media. 


We call for a Clean Environment
We call for Intelligent Foods
We call for More Sustainable Living

We call for a Cleaner, Safer & More Peaceful Planet!





You can make a difference!

Our mission is to collect 10,000,000 electronic signatures endorsing the Declaration of Consciousness. Your support will encourage the U.N. and world leaders to publicly endorse the D.O.C. and eventually turn the declaration into a global treaty, declaring the rights of all humanity. We are inviting everyone to be on the leading edge of this Movement. Our Movement will present Consciousness as a fundamental birthright to every person on planet earth.


The Declaration of Consciousness calls for a unified effort by individuals, organizations and countries to work together to create a safe environment, protect nature and the planet. We promote self-sustainable clean energy environments, toxic free waste systems, the settling of disputes through the principles of non-violence, tolerance for all faiths and paths to the divine, and a union of all nations to come together in harmony to create peace and freedom for all of humanity regardless of race, religion or nationality.  

Donate, read and sign the Declaration of Consciousness, go to





How can we collectively awaken the inner consciousness of every person on the planet? The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is an Intent of Action. It is a powerful symbol to awaken the consciousness for all humanity. 

We the people declare:


•Non-violence in the settling of disputes
<•Respect for the elderly•Encouragement of love for all people  regardless of their race, religion  or culture
•The protection of our planet through changes in energy systems
•The reduction of consumption to avoid  pollution
•New systems of ecological and sustainable  distribution of resources
•The provision of benefits of the world’s  resources more equally to all peoples





Where do the funds go?

Our greatest costs will be put towards technical development of our online platform. This includes the best hardware and software for multi-media programming and administrative management of this global movement. We must also set aside some funds for staffing our core teams, as well as public relations expenses to promote the Movement through education, events and other media outlets.

Due to the global scope of our mission, we also plan to create and Ambassador Fund that will support activist groups to conduct public campaigns and speak with world leaders in their country.


We are asking for $108,000 dollars to develop a world-wide online platform to raise the awareness in every country and create a culture of peace for future generations.


  • Project Management

  • Multimedia Production

  • Software Development

  • Online Marketing

Server Infrastructure:

  • Production Server

  • Development Server

  • Backup Server

  • Email Server

  • Database Server

  • Internet Security

Software Development:

  • Signature Gathering Platform

  • Enterprise Nomination and Certification Platform

  • Conscious Media Distribution Platform

  • Interactive Social Network for millions of conscious individuals

Core Team:

Fund 5 people for 6 months, that’s only $1000 per person per month!


Radio Advertising

Press Releases

Film Distribution

Online Advertising

Street Marketing/Promotion

Global Outreach:

Forming associations with individuals, businesses and organizations that wish to create local and global support systems to develop sustainable resource-based communities.

Establishing an International Ambassadors in every country will cost more than we are even asking for in this campaign. Start up funding will be used for establishing a training program Ambassador applicants that will prepare them to work with political leaders and corporate sponsors.

Promoting international events aligned with our causes to raise the awareness in schools, companies, communities & political systems.

Community Projects:

The Declaration of Consciousness Movement is forming partnerships with "conscious" companies all over the globe.

Are you involved in a project to create peace, protect the Earth, and/or spread love on the planet?  Are you creating green products to help us shift to a cleaner, safer, more breathable environment? Or are you doing something that inspires and enlightens the human spirit to bring us into unity consciousness?



We Support:






Self-sustainable Domes/Villages





Green Products

Conscious Production Companies

Clean Energy Alternatives/Free energy

Electric Car Companies

Toxin free waste systems

Conscious TV/Radio Shows

Holistic Health

Organic non-GMO foods

Conscious Communities

Conscious TV/Radio Shows

Holistic Health

Consciousness Art/Artists

Natural Raw Foods

Eco-Friendly Festivals

Peace Movements

Wild Life Protection.







What will the the New Conscious Economy look like?

Conscious Certification!



With our Conscious Certification Program, companies will be able to receive a stamp of approval as a Certified Conscious Enterprise.  People all over the world are demanding that companies do more than just create profits, they want to see them adhere to a new model of "conscious" consumerism. The Enterprise of Consciousness is the vehicle to make this happen.

In A Nielsen survey study, Two thirds (66%) of consumers around the world say they prefer to buy products and services from companies that have implemented programs to give back to society. That preference extends to other matters, too: they prefer to work for these companies (62%), and invest in these companies (59%). A smaller share, but still nearly half (46%) say they are willing to pay extra for products and services from these companies








Join with millions of people around the world from all cultures, backgrounds, colors and nationalities, to declare a more "conscious" marketplace. Support Conscious Enterprise and our nomination platform.







What you get in return




It is said that one person can do unbelievable things. All it takes is that one person who's willing to risk everything to make it happen. YOU can make a difference!

We are all a very important pieces of the puzzle. So what we do individually affects the entire whole.  If everyone decided to dedicated their lives to live for a cleaner, safer more peaceful planet then we create a paradise.  People like Gandhi, MLK, Mother Theresa,  John Lennon, Helen Keller, Nikola Tesla didn't just think they could change the world, they knew they could. All they did was make one small difference.  So all we have to do is just know that we can make a difference as an individual.  This is how we collectively co-create the world we want to live in.

Thank you for taking the time to read our campaign. Now it’s time to take action!




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