Decibite: Web-hosting for the 21st Century.
Decibite: Web-hosting for the 21st Century.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Many things in our world has greatly improved in the last two decades. Yet web-hosting has failed to keep up with these changes.

Resource costs have decreased dramatically since the first webpage, yet many unsuspecting customers are being charged way too much while incurring overage fees with supposed unlimited plans.

Why is this?

Because Web-hosting companies own the resourses, they hold too much power. In fact, Endurance International Group holds 22% of the cards of an $11 billion industry. They control the rules and everyone follows along.

And since web-hosting companies own the resources, they call the shots. This leaves bloggers, internet entrepreneurs, and small businesses prone to the whims of their web-host.

It does not have to be this way.

We at Decibite are going to change this and be harder, better, faster, stronger. We are going to revolutionize the web-hosting industry by offering the benefits of ownership without the headache of server maintenance.

Join our grassroots movement to help take back ownership of the Internet.

How we will revolutionize the web-hosting industry:


  • Work it harder with direct technical support. 

    • When experiencing technical issues, you will get direct access to our technical experts, not a customer help desk.

    • Whether solving simple problems or fighting off malicious web threats like the Blackhole Exploit Kit, we'll be there to help.

    • By being on hand, our technical experts can get direct feedback from you and begin implementing changes immediately, even while you are on the phone.


  • Make it better with an asset customized to your liking. 

    • You own the asset, giving you the option to lend or re-sell it back at any time.
    • Fully customizable to your website's needs.

    • All be done at an affordable upfront price with a small maintenance fee.

  • Do it faster with full accountability and transparency 

    • There will be no surprises if your resources are overloaded. You'll know precisely how many resources you are using at any given point to run your site with maximum efficiency.
    • Many web-hosting companies claim to give unlimited resources. The reality is they have the right to throttle your resources down any time you pull too many resources.

    • Once your site uses 80% of your allotted resources, you will receive an email notification to let you know in advance of overage usage.

    • All preset resources are dedicated to your site. Extra resources will be provided in the event of a traffic surge to prevent your site from ever crashing.
    • If your site comes under a malicious attack, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

  • Make us stronger with security and privacy tactics as adviced by Edward Snowden.

    • Chris Anderson interviewed Edward Snowden at a TED conference and asked what every company online should do to protect themselves.

    • Snowden: “The biggest thing that an internet company in America can do today, right now, without consulting lawyers to protect the rights of users worldwide is to enable SSL web encryption on every site you visit.”

    • SSL encryption will be provided free to every client of ours.
    • To minimize the needed compliance to NSA bullying tactics, all of our servers are based outside the US.

    • With our campaign goals, we plan to expand to Alberta to serve those in the Western hemisphere, Germany for those in Europe, and Australia.

All backers receiving web-hosting will receive a transfer to our system at no extra charge to them.

Decibite: The Benefits of Owning a Server Without the Hassle of Owning One. Join the Revolution.

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