Dead Wasteland: Zombie Survival Card Game
Dead Wasteland: Zombie Survival Card Game

This project has already launched.

From the makers of There’s a Game in this Book and Hipster: The Card Game, Dodeca System proudly presents our next great card game: Dead Wasteland.

Civilization has fallen and the dead have risen. Zombies roam the wastes of our once great cities. The remnants of humanity have to fend for themselves, scavenging what they can while avoiding the horde. It's everyone for themselves as they look to survive the Dead Wasteland.

To win in Dead Wastleand, players have to collect three items they need to stay alive: food, water, and a flashlight. Along the way they can collect other items (some permanent, others temporary) that will aid them in taking on the horde (and stopping the other players).

Or just kill all the dead. If a player kills 15 zombies, they'll win the game. But, surviving long enough is no easy feat. The zombies will constantly chase after you, and once one zombie appears, they'll swarm more and more. Escaping alive will take all the supplies and skills you have.

Included in Dead Wasteland is a full 108 cards including items, instants, zombies, and bullets, plus detailed instructions -- everything you and up to three friends will need to play the game.

Dead Wasteland has been fully planned out and tested. The artwork for the game is in final production now and will be fully ready in time for our print run. We have a printer lined up with quotes on the pricing and are ready to run off the game the second this campaign ends. You’re not paying for any development on the game -- it’s ready to go.

Obviously we want everyone to get a printed copy of the game if they are so interested (the artwork is super pretty, and the more people that buy in at the higher tiers, the better we can make this game). However, we do offer a digital tier -- a color, print-and-play edition of the base deck.

The first goal of Dead Wasteland guarantees a launched game. The $1,000 milestone gets a full, playable deck once the Kickstarter drive is officially over.

Further stretch goals will be announced once the main goal is met. Any stretch goals that are met will be included in all printed editions of the game.

We at Dodeca System are gamers, like you. When we play games we want to have fun. We like fast, fun, flexible games that get out of the way and let us do what we want: have a good time. With Dead Wasteland we’ve created an easy to pick up, quick to learn, tense and fun card game that you can throw on the table with some friends and get to playing.

Because if you’re not having fun with your games, there’s something wrong. We love the games we make, and we’re sure you’ll love them too.

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