De Vos by Amber De Vos 'Artleisure' Brand Launch
De Vos by Amber De Vos 'Artleisure' Brand Launch

This project has already launched.

Thank you for coming to learn more about the launch of De Vos by Amber De Vos! De Vos is a provocative, premium activewear brand designed for fit, sophisticated cosmopolitan women who want their comfy clothes to look more fashion than fitness! And "De Vos" means "The Fox" in Flemish ;) This is your opportunity to help grow this brand by pre-ordering your favorites! Your contributions will help to cover marketing costs and overall growth to bring this product to the masses!

About De Vos by Amber De Vos

Amber De Vos is a celebrity photographer turned fashion designer. De Vos by Amber De Vos was born from her innate passion to make people feel comfortable and confident, at first in front of her camera and now by wearing her clothing brand.

Each legging and crop top pattern is an engineered design using Amber's own art photography. The images are provocatively placed so as to maximize our best features, while at the same time hiding flaws.

Additionally, both the tank and cropped hoodie, which are also her own constructions, feature an empowering word in rose gold. They're intentionally written in reverse so that they are a private message to be read in the mirror by the wearer only.

This crowdfunding campaign is the next big step. Amber has been bootstrapping this new venture on her own and now it's time to turn to all of you for help. No great brand has ever been built without the kindness and support of others.

Amber has been spending the last year designing, prototyping, growing networks, sharing media and building her online presence. De Vos has the opportunity to become a internationally known, multi-million dollar brand - but that takes money and fans - this is where you come in :)

The next major steps for this brand to take are basic start up costs, marketing campaigns, advertising, and product production and delivery.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Our initial ask is $20,000 which will go a long way towards covering the above mentioned costs.
  • This is your opportunity to be one of the first to get your hands on this exciting new brand by pre-ordering our inaugural capsule!

The Designs

Our first capsule collection consists of five sublimated designs based on Amber's original art photography.

All the leggings and crop top are made from opaque eco-friendly 88% polyester, 12% spandex performance fabric, it is very durable and won't fade or pill. Wash cold, air dry.

All the tank tops are made with a 96% viscose, 4% spandex blend. Very soft to the touch and elegant to wear. Wash cold, air dry.

All the hoodies are made with a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend, are super soft on the inside and feature thumb holes for extra comfort. Wash cold, air dry.

All our pieces are made in North America.

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