De Feet
De Feet

About this project:

Can it be? An episodic video game series with a clear release schedule?

Indeed. De Feet is a nostalgic young thing, going back to the early noughties, back when the Spice Girls, Yogz and MSN were hotter than a habanero. What’s more nostalgic than a 90s style platformer game that was played by our charming protagonist when he was still at primary school?

Only this time, he’s literally in a game.

So, what do you do in the game? In a nutshell, platforming and narrative are in equal amounts here.

You play as a guy called Ricky, who was put in a cartoony world, and you need to collect everything shiny in the level to get him out. And once you get him out, that’s not the end of the story. Oh no, you’ll find out all the reasons how he got there and what you can do about it…later.

What inspired you to do this? The idea of De Feet came to me, during my first sports lesson in Year 3 (of all times and places). I had written a script, initially hoping to pitch it to TV studios when I would get older. About 14 years and a gazillion stories later, I revisited it and found it to be so awesome that I just had to share it with the world. But wait, I thought, don’t TV series get cancelled all the time?

So, De Feet was adapted to the video game medium. This meant taking an existing TV script and making it fun to play, as well as having an awesome story.

Why Kickstarter? I slaved away for a long time to produce this beauty, story included. Adapting a TV series script to a video game is no walk in the park, and neither is making a fun game.

So, I am opening up the opportunity to pre-order this baby, along with a digital soundtrack composed by the awesome Maciej Adamczyk. You have the option to pre-order just this pilot episode, or you can pre-order a Season Pass which will include the 13 episodes in this season when they will come out.

But that’s not all. If you pledge just a little more, you will get awesome De Feet jewellery pieces, made by ECN Investments which has been around in the jewellery business for 12 years.

So don’t delay, pledge today!

Risks and challenges: I am confident that I would deliver all 13 episodes in a timely manner, but in the case of delays, I will immediately resolve it as soon as possible.




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