Dawgma - Doggy Beverages
Dawgma - Doggy Beverages

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Apollo Peak 2.0 - From Cat & Dog Wine to Cat & Dog Beverages

In 2015, my cat and I created a new way to socialize with your pets - introducing what could be considered to be the first commercially successful "pet beverage product" - a wine like beverage designed for cats called The Pinot Meow. 

Following its initial success, our company Apollo Peak launched a whole line of wine-like beverages for both cats and dogs ranging from The White Kittendel to The CharDOGnay. Viral campaigns and news stories soon surrounded our small company with growth and sales - even leading to a small stint on ABC's Shark Tank.  

But with growth comes difficulties, and our small company has balanced growth with expenses. But we certainly don't want to stop that that's why were are here! Now we are asking for your help in launching a whole new line of beverages designed to be tasty and fun. 

The Dawgma line is the third in a series of product launches ranging from "Cat and Dog Wines" to "Cat and Dog Champagnes."  

Dawgma Dog Beverage Features and Benefits

  • All Natural Ingredients made from organic herbs
  • Added natural flavoring for increased palatability
  • Helps hydrate your dog naturally
  • Fun for events, birthdays, social gatherings, the dog park or just while sitting at home watching Shark Tank.
  • Low cost triple pack so that your pooch can choose their favorite

Dawgma Filet Mignon

  • Natural Rosemary and Organic Beets and Beef Flavor - Skin Support

Dawgma Petite Salmon

  • Natural Lemongrass and Salmon Flavor - Digestive Support

Dawgma Chicken & Waffles

  • Natural Chamomile and Chicken/Maple Flavor - Calming Support

Developing Dog Beverages and More

Since our early days, we have embarked on creating all natural beverages for your pets using nothing but organic ingredients and fresh mountain water right here in Golden, Colorado. A lot of our R&D is focused around finding fun and new beverages that we (and you) can enjoy with our pets. Our facility in Golden is a small brewery where we test and manufacture everything we sell - right here in house. Quality is our biggest prize and we feel that we control the quality of our products better when we make them ourselves.

Pre-Brews at Apollo Peak
Pre-Brews at Apollo Peak


Running around the brewing area
Running around the brewing area


Fresh All Natural Ingredients
Fresh All Natural Ingredients

Introducing the Sharks to Pet Wine

We first launched Cat and Dog Wines to the world in 2015. Since then, we have had an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank and have stunned the world with our line of beverages for your pets. Although we made a deal with Kevin in the tank, the deal fell through and we have been growing our products organically - just like the early days.

Apollo Peak on Shark Tank
Apollo Peak on Shark Tank


Risks and challenges

We understand the complexity of launching new products. We have prepared for this launch for some time but we want to fully embrace a new industry with whole ingredients and no artificial preservatives. To do this, we will need to work with food manufacturers, licensed veterinarians and test our products with a range of dogs and cats across the country. There may be delays in making this happen but our track record in creating unique and fun products is solid and we will do everything in our power to complete this goal in a timely manner.

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