Datasphere Book 2
Datasphere Book 2

This project has already launched.


Datasphere has been over 2 decades in the making thus far, with life commitments and life choices this has had to been a sporadic creation through my life. The journey is planned to be set across 9 books covering individually cyberpunk, horror, time travel, understanding of faiths (relating to the afterlife), but all with a continued theme in the realm of Sci-Fi. 3 distinct Trilogy's, all set in the same dystopian universe with set characters in each novel but with an underlying thought provoking story arc. with overlaying characters from trilogy to trilogy. 

With the exception of editing, I will be handling all aspects of the production process myself, including:

• Brainstorming
• Storyboarding
• Outlining
• Researching
• Writing
• Cover art design
• Formatting
• Publishing

This will mean, most of the expenses for this project be it financial and life fit into one huge category Carl’s Life. Reaching the minimum funding goal of £10,000 will cover my time over the next 6 months for me to create Book 2 of Datasphere entitled - A.N.G.E.L. ( A Necro Guided Entity of Life).

So you maybe asking yourself the question … Is my writing worth your pledge?

If you've read my posts on my FB page or kept up with my writing and publishing adventures, you will already know I am obsessed with producing the highest quality stories.

Maybe you've never heard of me … or my stories. If not, here's and excerpt of Datasphereand a sampling of what readers have to say:

         Looming high above the sordid metropolis dwells a man. Not like any other man upon this small insignificant planet. Among the countless millions of stars, that hang so quietly in the night skies, there may be just one star that burns brighter and longer than all the rest. The rain pelts against his face, trickling down. Like a clear stream of blood, it runs. But for all he cares it may as well be blood. Through squinted eyes he glares, onto the world his vision passes, like a shroud of darkness across the land. His face is silhouetted against the evening fluorescent light bursting out on all below, a dark silhouette against an orange haze of light. Below him people pass like ants, collecting their materials to build their nests, colonize, to prosper.

            Why do they insist on doing so? What choice do they have? If they try to force the well-oiled wheels of society, they will be spun out into the dank gutter to be washed away with the next rain. So, on they go building, rushing and bustling. As he passes amongst them, watching, protecting, preying. Not one turns a head, not even in curiosity whilst they rush and push to get from A to B. they never ask themselves why not? Even when it is too late. Even when the end is here. There is a fine line between sanity and madness who can tell when it has been crossed? This world of radiant sunsets and cold ocean blue skies.

            This city of glowing light, and darkened squalors, a world of digital life and electrical pulses. This world stands out from that of the non-computerized, because here there is no corner paper stand, no cafés with hot cappuccinos, no cinemas. A lot of people, a lot of movement, but this programme world is growing, so much information, combining, rematrixing, rebuilding. So quickly, but never final. So similar to your world, but so different. All the senses are the same as yours, only difference being they have no laws. What you see is what you get. This is the world of DATASPHERE.

"Interesting style, reminiscent of the films in the Matrix series, well written and intriguing. A must for all sci-fi fans". -- Angela Hooper, Lulu Publishing

"The style was sharp, passionate and a real page turner, definitely a new feel to the world of Sci-Fi and VR story telling, would highly recommend to anyone looking for something fresh and new. Characters had depth as well as a feel of real turmoil and emotion. I will be sharing this with all my Sci-Fi and VR reader friends" - Amazon Customer

In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you're helping me create the next instalment of Datasphere, your pledge will also get you some great rewards.

So, how long will it take to produce these novels?
While every writing project has its own unique challenges, I've honed my creative process over the years. Here's my typical timeline:
• 2-4 weeks: brainstorming, story boarding, & outlining
• 10-16 weeks: researching, writing the 1st draft
• 1-2 weeks: writing the 2nd draft
• 2-4 weeks: editing (outsourced), cover art design, book description
• 1 week: incorporating the edits into the final draft
• 1 week: formatting & publishing the eBook
• 1-2 weeks: formatting & publishing the paperback
TOTAL: 18 to 30 weeks

Through your generosity—and your willingness to share this project with your friends—it's possible we may exceed the minimum funding goal. If that happens, I will be able to begin penning out the initial outlines for the third novel in the Trilogy of the series.

• £12,000 – This amount would also fund the embryo work of Book 3.

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