Dark Mewnicorn Plush
Dark Mewnicorn Plush

This project has already launched.

Cross a cat with a unicorn and then paint it with a rainbow. "Mewnicorn" plush stuffed animal is so cute it practically poops glitter!

This isn't just some generic run of the mill plush! Mewnicorn is a premium ultra soft faux fur plush with high grade plastic eyes and nose. This time we are doing glitter eyes! The fur will be custom dyed to match my artwork and you won't see this rainbow pattern anywhere else. Our plush adheres to or exceeds all American Government child safety standards. We are working with a reputable child labor free factory with partial assembly happening right here in the USA! Gann Memorials is doing the heavy lifting for us! Ask our previous backers, this is one of the nicest, high quality plush around. 

Our Dark Mewnicorn "Stormy" is the companion to our successful Rainbow plush from last year. Designed by artist Ash Evans based off of her original concept artwork. 

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