Dark Lord Miniatures: 3D modular terrain
Dark Lord Miniatures: 3D modular terrain

This project has already launched.


OUR KICKSTARTER IS LIVE NOW! VISIT https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darklordminiatures/dark-lord-miniatures-dungeon-foundation-set?ref=discovery TO BACK OUR PROJECT.

Update 27the July: All of the official paperwork took a lot longer than expected but everything is now signed off and above board. We aren't complaining too much as it's given us a chance to double check everything and come up with more great ideas and tile prototypes. Thankyou so much for all your patience and also for the great suggestions and feedback we've received. The Kickstarter page is currently being developed so we're hoping it will be live soon. 


Dark Lord Miniatures: The story so far

My name is Matthew and i am the founder of Dark Lord Miniatures. My passion for all things miniature began with casual games such as Zombicide and reading about the lore of some of the more in depth tabletop games. The ability to really customise a game began to appeal to me more than the games themselves and not long after that I began to experiment with sculpting and painting, thats where the story really begins. After a few comments from friends and the owner of my local game store I decided it was time to finally put myself out there. I started small, sculpting and casting resin bases for people that had seen some of my work and during that time Dark Lord Miniatures was born. I have since dedicated all my time to building a respectable business that prides itself on making tabletop games a more immersive experience for all with unique and interesting ideas ranging from miniature bases and displays to fully customisable 3D terrain.


Our Goal

DLM's latest project is one of the biggest yet and it will also be our first kickstarter. It will focus on a range of modular 3D tiles that are hand cast in solid polyurethane resin while still being affordable for the average gamer or hobby enthusiast. The first design we will release will form the foundations of our project with more variations and styles planned for future release. As the first series of tiles has already been sculpted, with only optional extras left to complete, production of the moulds and finished pieces will begin immediately with all funds raised going towards the procurement of raw materials. Below are some pictures of finished pieces that have been painted up to give an idea of the overall style.


 Shipping is planned to commence as the orders are fulfilled with any international orders set to be dispatched within 1-2 months (depending on international demand)

To keep shipping costs to a minimum shipping will be calculated at the end of the funding period based on goegraphic location. There is very little risk involved with this project as most of the work has already been completed with the biggest potential for any problems being during the shipping phase such as delays due to weather or the rise of Cthulhu.

 Follow us on Twitter @DarkLordMinis for more information about any of our upcoming projects or existing products. Alternatively you can comment below with any questions or ideas you would like to see. More information and content coming soon. Watch this space.

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