Draken blade
Draken blade

Enter a world of fantasy and adventure. A fast paced card game for 1-5 players. Enjoyable by casual and strategic players. (and only $19 on Kickstarter)

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The kickstarter project is here :  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1621972623/2033625875?token=c55aa639

Inside the game :

Play an immersive adventure game inspired by fantasy dungeon crawler. Draken blade offer a deep adventuring experience that sets up in 1 minutes, has no player downtime and you can finish in 30 minutes.

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In a medieval fantasy universe dominated by the powerful Azziel, an evil summoner, 1 to 5 players become courageous heroes, forming a team to complete epic quests, but competing among themselves to have all the kudos of their adventures. 

Play as one of 12 playable heroes : the charismatic warrior, the powerfull enchanteress, the terrible necromancer, the noble master of weapons, and many other… Each hero has his own unique abilitie.


Draken blade is an adventure game different from the others, because for once it is not to throw the dice hoping to get lucky. Be ready to make wise choices and think strategically.

To solve each fight, players use the fighting cards they have in hand. But there is no bad card because:  


During each expedition the players will have to participate in 5 quests, known at the beginning of the expedition.


They each have 5 fighting cards in hand, and will use one for each quest. To influence the fight they may use their weapons, their power and their energy tokens. And also the ultimate weapon: the draken blade, that is obtained thanks to the magic.  

The last expedition will end with the confrontation against the terrible Azziel.

There is also a special rule for 2 players, and a rule to play alone with 3 levels of difficulty.


Draken blade is an adventure game, designed in the spirit of a dungeon crawler, but optimized :

  • to be playable quickly (rules explained in 3 minutes)
  • for short sessions (30 minutes)
  • without a tray of game (a very portable game)
  • without a Game Master (everybody plays really)
  • to limit the chance (no dice, your choices will determine the evolution of the game).

You like the idea of the game but you want to try it first ? We are giving the Print and Play file for free ! 


 There are many reasons for which we need your help and we are grateful for the trust you deposit in us.

  • Try the game before with the free Print & Play
  • Make the game the best it can be : propose and work with us on final design, gameplay and extra artwork.
  • Get the game early. 
  • Kickstarter exclusive content : 3 of the heroes will be available only for kickstarter backers.  

We want to know your thoughts about cards design, gameplay and new artwork so we can all make this game the best it can be!  

Do not hesitate to get this new game, and to give it to a loved one. 

By financially supporting Draken blade, you contribute fully to it’s edition. And for that we thank you ! but we especially need you to speak about this project to your relatives, friends and facebook contacts ! if you want to help this project to come to fruition, we encourage you to speak about Draken blade on the game forums, game clubs, In toy libraries, in game bars, or anywhere you want! Thank you so much for your support !

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If the stretch goals are reached, each player will have the choice between 18 heroes with different powers.



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