DARCO - Reign of Elements: 1.steampunk survival with dragons
DARCO - Reign of Elements: 1.steampunk survival with dragons

As a small game development group, we wanted to create something new and fun - a game you could play with your friends for weeks! Each of us are gaming-enthusiasts, and as we combined the things we loved most, DARCO was born!

But we don’t just want to offer a great game, we want to bring you a world that is truly unique.  

DARCO takes place in a post-apocalyptic Steampunk setting, in which you’re fighting for survival against mechanical creatures. It is a multiplayer game located on huge ships floating over an endless ocean. You’re not alone though, as you’re also raising a dragon as your companion!

Development started in May 2016, and now we are reaching the final stages. Through Kickstarter, we will be able to focus on DARCO full-time in this critical phase of the project.

Early Access release will be in May 2018, and the final release is planned for the 4th quarter of 2019.

  • Category: Action Adventure Survival
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Server: PvP and PvE (official and dedicated)
  • Platform: PC (Steam)
  • Language: English

Our dedicated servers will be private rentable community servers.


 Here you will find the news for the milestones of our campaign:





As a mechanic, you and your dragon explore what’s left of mankind’s last refuge: a fleet of gigantic, flying ships, hovering over an endless ocean. In order to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, you will need to scavenge your surroundings and fight off hostile machines. Protect yourself from creatures and other players: Build your base-tower, upgrade it and evolve to craft better gear, and create your own food supply.


Bioshock Franchise - Bioshock was one of the best story-based steampunk games we played. It not only impressed us, but also formed our ideas in a special way

Horizon Zero Dawn - Horizon was one of the best games from 2017. It had a refreshing new setting and inspired us with their mechanical creatures and stunning animations.

ARK: Survival Evolved - ARK has created a unique and compelling game in the survival genre, setting new standards for all following survival games.

Our World

After the invention of the steam engine, humanity was at the height of its ingenuity, being able to create all sorts of technical wonders. Then, however, a horrible disaster struck, that flooded the earth and rendered the few remaining patches of land uninhabitable.

Foreseeing this tragic event, the greatest engineers built habitats with ecosystems to their liking in the form of huge, flying ships. This fleet, being able to escape the dangers of the flood, would become the peaceful home of mankind for centuries.

This changed when the dragons appeared; they began attacking the ships, and thus the Dragon War began. Through the ingenuity of humankind, mechanical monsters began to be built to combat their new foes. This wasn't enough, though: humanity fought until no warriors were left, and the few who survived were left to one basic principle: Every man for himself.

Humanity was defeated, the fleet scattered, but the automated factories inside the ships continued producing monsters. With no continued maintenance, errors in production were bound to occur. The machines malfunctioned and began attacking everything living and breathing.

You are one of the few survivors of what was once a great Victorian civilization. As your day starts and you are out gathering food, you come across a young dragon. It begins to follow you as you go about your duties, and you eventually realize: this dragon is your new companion. Take care of it, and you will grow stronger together.


When you arrive in the world of DARCO, you are given a choice of which elemental dragon you would like to start with. This starter dragon is your companion, never leaving your side throughout the game. Your life will be hard; as you fight starvation and dehydration, you will also need to combat the hostile wilderness filled with unknown predators.

As you build your tower, it gets easier to defend yourself against other players and the threats of the world. You can't hide away in your fortress forever, though. You will need to travel to other ships to gather, survive and improve. You can always return home to safety... that is, if it was protected well enough. Play solo or team up with a friend to survive together!

Crafting isn't easy. In order to place workbenches, you will need to build a base big enough to support them. Gather experience to unlock recipes and collect enough resources so you can craft tools, weapons, armor or upgrade your tower.


We are using the Unreal Engine since it has the best graphics and shader quality right now which fits our high demands. Additionally the Unreal Engine 4 is the basis for most high quality games and was therefore our first and only choice for DARCO.

Nitrado is our partner of choice when it comes to server hosting. Nitrado is the market leader due to their reliability, expertise and know how. They not only provide us with their high-end servers but also assist us with the development and bring in their experience to the production.

With our unusual and complex creature design, we could only use specific, excellent software for the creation and animation of our steampunk animals. We carefully chose the following 3D Programs as they were the only option for the requirements we had.


So you may wonder now: Why are you doing Kickstarter?

The Early Access date on Steam is set. No matter what happens, we will release our hard work this May. But we don’t just want to release a game to Early Access – we want to hit the ground running. With your support we will be able to implement additional features, work full-time on this project, and release even more content and features right after our Early Access release.

We already have a small, but dedicated community and fan base. We’re hoping that with Kickstarter and the funds gained from it, we will be able to find and thrill even more people!

With the Early Access release of DARCO - Reign of Elements we want to avoid all common mistakes and be transparent with our backers. Therefore we want you to know which features will already be fully implemented on Early Access release:

  • At least one flying ship with a completed level-design, carefully created landscape and environment-fitting Steampunk opponents.
  • A male character with three clothing tiers, each with a full set
  • Functional basics: crafting, building, learning, inventory and stats
  • Enemy AI, including different attacks and states
  • Text based Chat
  • A first pass on optimization, with continuous optimization work to follow
  • Forming groups and guild-like constellations

There are a lot of other features planned and we want to include them as soon as our initial release is mostly bug-free. With each stretch goal we reach there will be many more features, such as a female character and dungeons! More information located below.

We are the DARCO-crew, fourteen people and a dog from Dresden, Germany trying to establish the gaming industry in our beautiful city!

We are young, dynamic, and sometimes a bit silly with big dreams that we come closer to reaching every day. Our love for gaming, dragons, and game development brought us together.

About two years ago, TP-Studios came together with a wild idea. The team grew and so did our ideas until the concept of DARCO was born.

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