Dao's Lush Lashes
Dao's Lush Lashes

This project has already launched.

After months of research and trial and error i came up with my own line of fiber lashes. Now, you may have already seen a few similar products in the market right now, but i assure you none of them have actually met the quality standards that DAO'S promises to bring. Like I said before, I have done extensive research and have looked at every little detail that goes into making  an amazing, long lasting, high quality cosmetic brand.  I want to create a brand that people will know they truly are getting their value. I don't want it to be just a quick cheap product you are purchasing but a high quality guaranteed

This project is to create a  piece to our collection that has an ingredient in it that causes your lashes to GROW also while making them instantly long within seconds by the fibers adhering to your lashes. It  will also come with collagen filled eye patches to wear under your eyes while you are applying your fibers and mascara, it will enhance your eye contour area by visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness.  collagen gel pads offer intense hydration and are easy to use and non-irritating. This will be a 3 in 1. Even more spectacular and better in every way. I have looked over the tiniest details such as length, weight, volume, packaging, even possibly waterproof etc. I want this beauty product to be the replacement of everyones falsies they use today and replace even your daily mascara ( and believe me the sales of false lashes has increased to over 200% in the past 5 years). This soon will be the sale increase to Fiber lashes.

Another thing that is important to me is an organization called WEConnect. it is an organization that helps increase global chains to 'women-owned' business like my own. Making them more recognized and giving women more opportunities to achieve their career goals where they are minorities. I am registering with them.

It is to help women equality in the workforce and make changes in our economical stand point as women in business!

10% of all my revenue sales (not my project amount raised) , Will be donated to United Nations Women The fund for gender quality. 

Lastly, because I am a huge supporter of "women Owned" business' most of the suppliers,marketers, advisors, employees i utilize are 90% women! Lets keep empowering one another to succeed!

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