Complete Nutrition - Organic Drinkable Real Food
Complete Nutrition - Organic Drinkable Real Food

Complete Nutrition, a 100% organic meal replacement that tastes great and maximizes health and fitness!

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Hi, we are twin brothers Eugene and Vincent Dinescu. We may look familiar to you – we are models, actors, authors and athletes - but that was before we graduated from Columbia University with degrees in biochemistry. While studying at CU, both Vince and I relied on our own organic food products to provide us with the nutrients we required to excel at all of our goals. Vince developed the Complete Nutrition over 10 years ago and we have been using it ever since!

Complete Nutrition is the first 100% organic real food meal that is available as a great tasting, easy to use powder that can be added to water, milk or any beverage of your choice. It is designed for peak-performing athletes and students as well as people of all ages that simply wish to improve their health and fitness.

Based on scientific research and personal experience it is clear that organic food is the key to optimal health. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to maintain a healthy organic diet while also striving to achieve all your goals and managing a busy modern lifestyle. Our secret to maximizing health and achieving our goals has been Complete Nutrition. Complete Nutrition can be consumed quickly, tastes great and provides all the required nutrients in an easy to prepare package. Check out our video...

We are fulfilling our dream to promote health, fitness and well-being for all and our products are for anyone and everyone. Whether you are trying to maximize results in the gym, focused on rigorous studies at school, or are striving to advance your career, optimum health and performance are one and the same and are achieved through a balanced diet based on organic food. This philosophy forms the essence of our company, vision, and products.

The Details

When we first enrolled at CU it was with the intention of becoming orthopedic surgeons, but it was not long before we fell in love with biochemistry. We conducted years of research on metabolic pathways and cellular function while continuing to train as bodybuilders and excelling within the classroom - Eugene was the first undergraduate at CU to make the Virology hall of fame! Our passion for research and understanding cellular metabolism allowed us to develop new insights into the incredible power of organic food.

Complete Nutrition is a real food-based meal replacement that tastes great, is filling, and will give you all the nutrition that you need to keep your mind sharp and body in shape.

Complete Nutrition is also great for the gym-goer or athlete. Vince and I use it before and after every workout, whether we are running track and field, playing football, or bodybuilding. All of the pre-workout and post-workout supplements out there are nonsense and do more harm than good - all that the body needs before and after any workout is REAL FOOD. We have been using the product for over 10 years and sharing it with our local group of friends and you can see the results for yourself!

Plan of Action

After years of studying, experimenting, perfecting the recipe and product testing within our local community, Complete Nutrition is ready to be launched! We are in the process of securing a contract manufacturer to produce our entire product line to our exacting specifications.

We have developed our initial product flavors, packaging design and branding and now need to raise funds for production, packaging, shipping and advertising to launch at the national level.

 Financial Breakdown

$100,000 – Production of first commercial batch of Complete Nutrition.

We source the highest quality and purest ingredients from industry-leading suppliers. The mix is prepared to our exacting specifications using our unique method of preparation just prior to packaging to ensure optimum nutritional content and freshness. We have designed the branding, packaging and labelling, and Complete Nutrition will be packaged and supplied in 15-serving bags that will be shipped anywhere in the country as well as to international customers.

$75,000 – Marketing campaign and product testing for new flavors to expand the product line.

We are launching a nationwide organic movement to spread the word and engage people to improve their health, fitness and happiness.

$25,000 – Building a national network of sales affiliates

Please help up us bring this incredible product to market and be a part of the organic movement that will improve the health, fitness and happiness of people everywhere! Your contributions will be rewarded by Complete Nutrition product, D&D branded items, discount coupons for use on our website (1 coupon per contributor) a customized workout plan prepared by Eugene and Vincent, and the exclusive opportunity to receive a personal training session with Eugene and Vincent!

 The Impact

Nutrition is the key to a long, healthy life. Complete Nutrition can provide all the vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients that men and women need to maintain their health. Additionally, by supporting D&D Organics you are in fact actively promoting organic living for the masses. You are changing the world and making it a better place while also maximizing your health and achieving your goals.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please share this campaign on your social media. Remember, Complete Nutrition is for everyone. We all want to maximize our health and being healthy and achieving one’s potential can only come from the best nutrition. All athletes and want-to-be athletes should stop taking bogus and harmful supplements that aren’t backed by science and give their bodies the only thing that really works, organic food.

Thank you for supporting us in any way you can. 

Let’s spread the Organic Movement!

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