DAnCEacostia! Festival
DAnCEacostia! Festival

This project has already launched.

As a dancer and teacher, I believe in the power of the arts and dance to bring people together. This festival is a way for me, as a resident of Anacostia, to bring dance to the neighborhood that I have become a part of. The DAnCEacostia! Festival, which will take place August 9th-13th, has three main goals: to bring dance to audiences with less access to the arts, to highlight dance in the DC region, and to bring dance audiences to a neighborhood that many have never set foot in before.

At this time, we have lined up 20+ artists (including youth performers) and teachers as part of this festival, and we will begin announcing the line up in the coming weeks. These artists represent the DC area, as well as nearby areas. The group is diverse in terms of style and background, and the artists have been selected by curators who have each ensured that their evening of dance will be both diverse and cohesive around a common theme.

The festival will consist of masterclasses for children and adults, a partner social dance event, a preview performance and reception, four curated performances, and a closing reception. All events will be FREE to residents of wards 7 & 8 and available at affordable prices for all others, so the funds raised will help support the ability of this festival to offer these free and inexpensive ticket prices. A generous grant from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities will support the bulk of the festival, but this fundraiser will help cover costs that are outside what is allowable under the grant, specifically costs for master class teachers and supplies for the opening and closing receptions. Any funds raised over the goal will be used to compensate artists further for their performances in order to meet the goal of supporting the arts in DC.

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