D.A.M.E.S. ~ Book One Of An Aggressive, provocative Series
D.A.M.E.S. ~ Book One Of An Aggressive, provocative Series

This project has already launched.

D.A.M.E.S. (Debutants Against Man's Egotistical Society) Book-Series

I am an author who loves to write compelling fiction, primarily commercial fiction, and my book D.A.M.E.S., the first of a series, is awaiting to be published by a prominent imprint. I am asking for your support in helping me publish my debut Novel with a traditional-based hybrid-publisher, of which have already extended me their offer for a Partnership Project publication, a co-publishing contract where both the author and the publisher share monetary-investment interest in the project. My book will likely be classified as a psyche-thriller however, the storyline’s basis is predicated on the battle for gender equality. My book’s protagonists are libertarian-driven, tenacious lesbians of 'Divine Womanhood', Millennials claiming their own Alt-ideology and realigned sociology. I believe their charismatic personalities along with their Secret Society’s agenda and aggressive new methodology used in fighting for the rights of 'Woman’, will have a rippling effect throughout the world’s social stratosphere, not to mention the LGBT community.

I know everyone believes in their own work, as they should, although, I am certain this book and its subsequent series (I have since started the second installment) will have the ability to rock many-a-foundation of the current social status quo. With proper marketing, it will become a strong, positive movement for the LGBT community, invigorating more social-awareness to the world stage, and give members of the LGBT population a greatly desired psyche-empowerment. I am very ambitious with many ideas, and I believe my book-series project will be successful in building a gravitating global brand and business enterprise that is both profitable and beneficial to communities suffering from injustice.

I like many others believe social change is sparked and ignited through conversation and activism, even if it’s radical or controversial, and then kept relevant with message-spreading via continued literature, media coverage/reviews, apparel design, and voices heard from the masses (i.e. book-website where readers can post their thoughts, interact with others, advertise, learn about organizations and equality movements/missions, correspond with the author, find book series apparel, etc.

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