CYRAD: World's First Full-Color, Wide Periphery Headlamp for Extreme Vision
CYRAD: World's First Full-Color, Wide Periphery Headlamp for Extreme Vision


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INTRODUCING CYRAD: The Next Generation of Wearable Adventure Lighting

Full-Color LED. CRI-95. Customizable Spectra. Multiple Light Angles. Wide Peripheral View. Rugged. Waterproof. Versatile.

Perfect for Hiking, Running, Camping, Caving, Climbing, Snowshoeing, Foraging, Tracking, Fishing, Photography, GoPro, and All Outdoors

Get back the other half of the visible light spectrum that is weak or missing from other LED headlamps & flashlights with CYRAD, the first-of-kind and ONLY wearable illumination system with multiple angles of true-color light to better reveal both your foot-forward zone, surroundings and what’s in shadows.

CYRAD OWLSIGHT headlamp, LEGLIGHTS, & CM1 FOCUSABLE FLASHLIGHT, are powered by new full-color Cyradiance LEDs. The Owlsight headlamp provides 12 selectable spectra for different situations, including full visible color, fluorescence, & enhanced night vision. LEGLIGHTS illuminate your foot forward zone & extend your periphery in full color. The CM1 focusable flashlight can scan the distance with true color light. 

What can you get on the Kickstarter? You can choose an individual CYRAD OWLSIGHT headlamp, LEGLIGHTS, or CM1 Flashlight to greatly improve your vision at night. Or better yet choose CYRAD TRIAD (Owlsight & LEGLIGHTS) or CYRAD QUAD (OWLSIGHT, LEGLIGHTS pair, & CM1 Flashlight) to get see all the benefits of full-color wide-periphery lighting!

If you hike, backpack, run, climb, ride, spelunk, track, fish, camp, snowshoe, photograph outdoors - or do most anything outdoors in the dark, the CYRAD System will enable:

  • Extreme Vision: True Colors, textures, contours, holes/bumps, roots, blood, scat, wet/icy/oily surfaces, & other details
  • See more colors, more clearly with Cyradiance broad-spectrum high-radiance LEDs with all spectrum colors from deep-blue through green, yellow, orange, to deep-red light with added red and cyan intensity boosts to improve detail perception & long-distance vision.
  • Enhance your night-vision with customizable spectra including true-color, fluorescence, daylight simulation, & enhanced night vision all-reds
  • No tunnel vision. See more of your surroundings & reveal what's in shadows
  • Illuminate your foot-forward zone to be more footsure & enhance depth perception
  • NEW ActiveRed filter exposes more detail & longer distance vision than other red filters or red LEDs
  • Take richer, sharper photos & GoPro videos illuminated by CRI~95 true-colors & twice the chromatic dynamic range of other lamps


 See what Nature Calls Backpacking has to say:


That's why many colors & details appear different or washed out compared to what you see in sunlight. The high CRI 95 (Color Rendering Index) rating means that the CYRAD system is capable of producing light to reveal colors of surfaces similar to how they would appear in natural sunlight. Not just colors, but all the structure and contour detail each wavelength conveys.

Each wavelength of light brings important details to your eyes that can only be seen if those wavelengths of light are present in your light source.  Loss of half the colors using ordinary LED headlamps or flashlights does not just make your surroundings appear dull at night, but you lose important detail perception about surface features such as otherwise camouflaged rocks, roots, or other hazards; texture such as needles on stems; ability to identify vegetation and the terrain, see contours and determine if a surface is wet or oily or icy, plus many other features you really want and need to see better.



Using OWLSIGHT & LEGLIGHTS together allows you to be more footsure, with better heads-up attention without tunnel vision, extends your peripheral view, enhances your depth perception, and reveals what’s in shadows.  Multiple light angles with 200% greater chromatic dynamic range improve both your visual & photographic image capture of 3-D surface profiles and other effects such as luster of metals and the transparency of liquids and other surfaces. 



 See how the multiple light angles of the CYRAD OWLSIGHT headlamp and LEGLIGHTS work together to reveal what's in shadows. The CYRAD system also shows more color tints and tones, textures, and a wider illumination area, whereas the headlamp is bright but colors are washed out because of the oversaturated yellows in other headlamp's and flashlight's LEDs.

 And because LEGLIGHTS were designed with a quick-release contoured buckle to be easy to put on, even over muddy boots, they can also be worn as a floodlight headlamp, on the wrist for closeup work, or hung anywhere.








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