Cutest shoehorn in the world!
Cutest shoehorn in the world!

This project has already launched.

The cutest shoehorn in the World!

Don’t you just find the design of shoehorns really really boring?! There’s nothing enticing or interesting about them at all… So at MiraMiko we just hate boring products! So we thought we would make a cute shoe horn!

  • A FUN & UNIQUE GIFT: Don’t know what to get for that special person in your life? Surprise them with a gift that’s both adorable & functional! A gift for any occasion such as dinner party, house-warming party, valentine’s gift, Christmas stuffer, anniversary or in any other situation where everybody else brings a bottle of wine or flowers.
  • CUTE AND FUNCTIONAL: Gio the Giraffe is easy to use like any other shoehorn but it is decorative and cute so you can proudly display this product in your hallway.
  • WHO IS IT FOR? Everybody that use shoes! But especially suitable for families and fun-loving people. Due to the long neck of the giraffe, the shoehorn makes life easier for people with disabilities and during pregnancy.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Gio the Giraffe will be produced in hard sturdy plastic and the spots will be hand painted on. The shoehorn will have the following dimensions: H 23 cm * L 3,5 cm * W 5,6 cm Shipping weight: 147 grams.
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