Customized Sunglasses with Magnets_made in Italy
Customized Sunglasses with Magnets_made in Italy

Mylink Sunglasses_ the only sunglasses that you can customize it in less than second with our magnetic hinge (patent pending). 

We are proud to launch on Kickstarter our new frame, called Beacons, and new polarized lens. 

Our team of Italian designer and engineers develops the MMH (Mylink Magnetic Hinge), a revolutionary system that allow you to change your sunglasses bars with just one clip, no tools needed.




You can create your own sunglasses as you want, following your mood or your accessories. 

Every component of our sunglasses, from the design to the hinge is proudly product in Italy. Italy has indeed an excellent know-how in the sunglasses production, ensuring the best quality on materials. We collaborate with artisans and small entrepreneurs who put passion and love in their work, creating a perfect product.


































We offer Mylink in different colors so you can match frame and bars as you like. Here some example that maybe can help you in your choice:

 Mylink in the news


We launched our first project back in the 2015 with the first model of Mylink and the feedback from the backers was awesome.




We believe in the Kickstarter community more than anything, so we have no doubt that it will be the right place to launch the new frame of Mylink Sunglasses and our new polarized lens.    

Stay connect with us to be the first! 50% OFF for our early birds rewards. 


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