Customizable 3D Printed Dog Figurines
Customizable 3D Printed Dog Figurines

Minichua lets you customize dog 3D models at will. The figurines are then manufactured by the major service providers, using 3D printing technologies. They can be delivered anywhere in the world.   



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What does make Minichua unique?   

A few online services already help you print your pet. Their design process is either fully automated or manual. But there are drawbacks. 

Fully automated methods are based on batches of images that require very specific light conditions and still objects. But it is quite difficult to shoot a still pet unless it is asleep. 

On-demand designs are very detailed. But they are expensive and require a lot of time. We will also provide this type of service, but we want a better solution. 

Our website will include a character configurator to personalize your pet. A collection of models will ensure detailed figurines and varied poses. Pre-defined coats will be used as a reference to create your own coats very quickly, with your photos or 2D/3D painters. We want to create a service for fast and accurate figurine creation at the right price. 

A range of materials and sizes 
A range of materials and sizes

In the final service, you will have the choice of: 

  • the model (family, group, race, gender, position); 
  • the volume (hollow or not); 
  • the texture (original or custom); 
  • the size (mm or inch); 
  • the material (monochrome or colored); 
'Full Color Sandstone' figurines 
'Full Color Sandstone' figurines

For colored designs, you can choose one of our original coats or create your own. One of the online painting tools (photo, 3D & 2D) will ease the process. You can use photos to get more realistic coats. One custom coat can be used with all poses.. 

'Elasto Plastic, Transparent Acrylic and Frosted Ultra Detail' figurines 
'Elasto Plastic, Transparent Acrylic and Frosted Ultra Detail' figurines

For better performance, the 3D Interface displays low detailed models of the actual figurines. These models are meant to be a base for customization, while remaining consistent with the original designs. The model is dynamically updated according to your latest options.

'Strong & Flexible White Plastic' figurines 
'Strong & Flexible White Plastic' figurines

On the actual figurines, all the details are rendered from scales as low as 25mm with materials like Ultra Detail Plastics. 

'Frosted Ultra Detail, Flexible & Strong White Plastic and Transparent Acrylic' figurines 
'Frosted Ultra Detail, Flexible & Strong White Plastic and Transparent Acrylic' figurines

The possible sizes range from a few centimeters to nearly a meter. With more than 10 materials, from plastics to gold, and about 100 finishes, from translucent to neon pink or photo-realistic, your choice is infinite. 

'Stainless, Polished Bronze and Polished Gold Steel' figurine 
'Stainless, Polished Bronze and Polished Gold Steel' figurine



About the founder: 

Olivier DEPIN worked as an IT engineer, project coordinator, freelance and innovation consultant. He has brought to live high-tech and innovation solutions for years. He worked for large corporations as well as breakthrough startups. He contributed to wide-spread technologies like mobile gaming, motion sensing, shape recognition or game streaming. Passionate about 3D modelling, he has big ideas and the technical experience to cope with implementation challenges like online 3D technologies, part management or vendor API interfaces. 

Whether you want to create a photo-realistic figurine of your dog, a model that you can paint later or a jewel, just do it with Minichua.


The project has already come a long way with an beta version of the website to prove the concept and sample 3D models. We really would like to see it through. Your support will prove that to us that the concept is right. A successful campaign will enable us to reach our goal: becoming the reference for animal figurines thanks to a wide range of breeds and poses. It will go through models that are as realistic as possible, but also an improved interface and new functionalities. 

We have many subsequent projects that we would love to fund in a next campaign. Only you can make it happen! 


We count on you to support us and influence the development of the project. We want YOU to decide what to include in the final service. Each funding level will unlock new options (poses, coats, accessories…). The more funding we receive, the more we will give you eventually. 

A significant part of the funding will be used to manufacture your models. Most of the balance will be spent designing the 3D models and improving the web interface. Our base plan is to provide the 185 dog breeds registered on the AKC website ( as 2015 with their most common coat. The base pose will be the usual ‘STANDING’ pose. The larger the funding, the wider the range of poses and coats. 


If our initial funding goal is reached, new features will be available. Each time a new $50,000 (~£32,000) bracket is reached, one of the following upgrades will be unlocked:




If you are passionate enough about our project and your commitment unlocks four or more upgrades, this option will be available:


If you are really crazy about our project and your commitment unlocks six or more upgrades, these options will be available: 






In the unbelievable case of a very high number of unlocked upgrades, there will be a limit on the number of times each upgrade can be repeated: 

  • the ACCESSORY upgrade can be used only three times (one each); 
  • the COAT upgrade can be used only four times (and applied to the relevant breeds);  
  • the FOUNDATION upgrade can be used only one time;
  • the POSE upgrade can be used only six times.

Once the campaign is finished, you will choose which upgrade you want for each bracket. For the pose upgrades, you will also name the pose. 

This project offers many other possibilities like puppies, multi-figure poses, continuous posing and more! 


This concept art gallery gives you an example of the possible poses with a 'Jack Russell Terrier':


This one shows examples of the coat and part variations you cand get with a Boxer:


If you are looking for more 'artistic' models, this one if for you:




3D printing is evolving very quickly and outstanding innovations appear every day. 3D printing services bring these innovations to your door seamlessly. The simplification and wide adoption of standard 3D web technologies bring to your browser the complex character editors that were exclusive to console/computer gaming a few years ago.


3D printing is the process of making three dimensional objects from a digital file. A 3D printed object is currently created by adding successive layers of material. Each of these layers can be seen as a thinly sliced cross-section of the object. 3D printer prototypes now allow continuous printing. They should hit the market the next couple of years or sooner. It will considerably speed up the printing process and further improve the object quality with a smoother surface. 

We have integrated two of the leading 3D printing service providers in our project. Their production facilities are located in the USA and Europe. It will ensure you with the best and widest range of materials, price and delay. Their developer API allows the transfer of your model to their baskets on-the-fly. 

As 3D printing is all about customization, we decided not to limit our offer to specific materials. You can choose among almost all the available materials of our vendors, depending on your needs (colorful figurine, shiny jewel, highly detailed pieces…). The constraints of each material are taken into account in our interface and models. Once finished, each design is ready to be printed with the material and at the size of your choice. Each new material (like full color plastic) will be integrated as soon as it becomes available to the masses.

To focus on our core activity, creating high quality models, we have chosen an “affiliate” model. The service providers will handle all the customer relationship for you (from production to delivery and after-sale services). It is their job and they do it best. 

Why should you prefer 3D printing and especially 3D printing services? 


3D printing technologies are meant for limitless customization. Within the same production batch, each item can be unique at no additional costs. Series, pre-series run limitations of mass production are now irrelevant. Any model can be modified, manufactured and shipped at once. Using 3D printing services gives you access to a wide range of materials, from white plastic to platinum. You get all the advantages without the burden of maintenance, calibration or printing wait and failures. 

Complex and Detailed 

The level of complexity that this technology allows is simply impossible to obtain any other ways. Designed, tested and validated in digital environments, each model can contain impressive visual effects. Stronger and lighter, they can contain complex and detailed components. Articulated models can be created this way, with no additional assembly required. 

More Efficient 

Not only 3D printing is more efficient in terms of manufacturing process, but also in terms of production quantity and inventory needs. It uses almost all raw materials and each item is unique, made-to-order and shipped right-away. Therefore, it creates less waste and results in a reduced carbon footprint. As local manufacturing models are likely, the figurines can be manufactured closer to the place they are needed. It reduces the logistics burden. 


Built as responsive and cross-browser compatible from the beginning, our interface should be usable on all the latest WebGL-enabled browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari. You can check on our website if your browser is compatible ( > Browser > Test) and if not, follow the steps to make it compatible. The full integration of touch interfaces is still to be done. You already can configure your figurine and paint it at your will since you use a mouse. You can take a screenshot of your creations to save it or share it on the social networks. 


Technology upgrades like the use of VR headsets are on the table to make your experience even more enjoyable!!! 

Please have fun and support us!!! 


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