Custom Printed Leggings Wholesale
Custom Printed Leggings Wholesale

This project has already launched.

Custom Printed Leggings Wholesale

HUELLEN INDUSTRIAL’s Custome Printed leggings wholesale for women skinny legs performance have the following characteristics:

1. Elastic force: 12% polyester content,ensure maximum comfort at the same time and pants know better than to loose, skinny legs sports leggings playing a role of tight and lift up hip in the visual, you can feel the charm of thin legs.
2. Breathable: Polyester fabric, particularly suitable for sports, its moisture perspiration, breathable function so that the movement of heat generated by the fiber gap disappeared, maintaining the entire movement of cool and comfortable.
3. Anti-wrinkle: 4 Ways Stretch fabric so the leggings have good anti-wrinkle, resilient and easy to care.
4. Soft: fine texture, feel soft,comfortable to wear.
Workmanship: 4-needles 6-threads sewing, more fit the human body circumference curve, and with effectively reducing friction, increase product quality, and more use times. Dimensional version of the type and show thin!
Key Features:

HUALLEN Industrial sportswear supplier

Lycra spandex&polyester fabric material for elastic performance
Be suitable for the workout sportsing wear as long time and long distance play.
Wicking, anti-bacterial deodorant, four color fastness, ergonomics.
Mesh fabric material for moisture wicing and breatheatble
High-quality & competitive price

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