Custom portrait for small donation
Custom portrait for small donation

This project has already launched.

My name is Veronica Crockford and am a Self-taught artist based in Malta (Europe). I have been drawing for years and am very passionate about it. I create pencil portrait gifts based on your special photographs. Although I am located in the Malta (Europe), I have shipped my art worldwide. Each portrait is as unique as the subject. I’m proud that my artwork brings joy. I invite you to browse the gallery to see all of the different types of portrait gift drawings available.

Portraits are a wonderful personalised gift for someone you love. You may give it as a Wedding gift, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Christmas gift, to keep a memory of a loved one you lost or simply you want to have a unique piece of Art in your home.

By working with me, you will:

  • Get a custom portrait for a small fee. This could be of a self portrait, baby, niece/nephew, your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, actor/actress, celebrity, movie/ TV character.
  • All the drawings consist of 1 portrait and no background such as the ones hereunder.
  • My goal is have a vaste range of portraits drawn for my portfolio. As I said, all drawings shall be on my new website. If you do not wish to have your photo shown in public, let me know beforehand. I usually post photos of the process of my drawings both on Instagram and Facebook. So make sure that you follow me :)
  • The funds shall be spent on supplies, shipping, creating the website and promotion
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