Custom Character Illustrations
Custom Character Illustrations

This project has already launched.

Hey y'all!  I'm Brad, a professional storyboard artist and sometime comic illustrator.  I'm doing this Kickstarter as part of Kickstarter's special "Commissions" project, where backers and creators come together to collaborate in new and fun ways!

What I'm offering in this Kickstarter is the chance to have a personal, custom illustration of a character you've conceived of in some way.  One great example would be a drawing of your D&D character, so that you finally have something to look at.  Got a cool Pathfinder character you want illustrated?  Awesome!  Your favorite survivor went out in a blaze of glory in Kingdom Death and you want to frame a drawing of the gory scene?  Perfect!

But this isn't limited to RPG characters, any character will do.  All I need from you is a solid description of clothing, looks, what you want them doing in the drawing, and any other details you want to see represented in the art.

If this project is successful, I'll collect all of this info from you after it closes.  Then, I'll spend a month or two knocking these illustrations out and delivering to you in the chosen manner.

Sound good?  Any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

And if you want to see some more examples of my work, there are plenty on my site at

Risks and challenges

As a storyboard artist, my job is to translate others' vision into drawings that tell a story. It's not an easy task, and sometimes the perfect expression or pose can be elusive. But I've been doing this for 10+ years, and I'm more than equipped to navigate the challenges of taking on this project. I'm no stranger to having too much to draw and not enough time, either!

So I pledge to get these drawn, looking awesome, and back out to the backers in a very timely fashion. And feedback is more than OK! I want you guys to be happy with your drawings, so it's important that you feel comfortable being very specific and even letting me know if I've missed the mark.

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