Culturebase: Re:Imagine Your World
Culturebase: Re:Imagine Your World

This project has already launched.

"The Mission I Left Tesla For"

Excelling as a top Advisor and supporting Elon Musk's mission at Tesla, "The World's Most Innovative Company (Forbes)," was an incredible experience. Tesla's mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy is necessary.

The Culturebase mission that pulled me away from Tesla is just as vital: 

"To optimize access to beneficial resources and community for all people."

The best & most convenient app for you to tap into your city's resources & community.

...without dealing with the clutter and chatter that every other platform is congested with.

(aka: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, local news, national news, TV, etc.)

Get straight to what you want and need in your city or destination.

Built for iOS AND Android.

Our Mission:

To optimize access to beneficial resources and community for all people.

An all-in-one app that gets you straight to the local information you need:




Culturebase is Perfect For:

Content tailored for you:

Culturebase also highlights locals and stories that help build the value of the city. :)

Grow the Creator culture, Market your works, Trade, Buy/Sell, and Support locals:

Market Note: Culturebase charges a 5-7% commission on in-platform buy/sell transactions. Trades are free.

Explore & Engage content you want to see:

1. October 2014: Ideation for app to close resource gaps began

2. February 2015: Idea Conceived 

3. April 2015: Concept Solidified + Search for Developers began

4. July 2015: Wireframes for app completed

5. October 2015: Developers Selected

6. February 2016: Designs Completed

7. April 2016: iOS & Android Development began

8. September 2016: App beta testing began

9. January 2017 : Kickstarter!!!

10. February 2017: iOS & Android Development complete

11. Spring 2017: First Launch event in Atlanta

To help us finish building and successfully launch so that we can empower communities and cities everywhere, starting in Atlanta:

Your donation will help ensure the full-feature iOS & Android development is as fluid as possible and completed sooner than later.

See our Kickstarter for Rewards:



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