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The Game

Office Quest is a fun, sort of goofy take on the traditional dungeon-style board game. Armed with broom handles and office supplies, the workers set out to take control of their office, defeat the boss and escape the harsh realities of a 9-5.

On the other end, the boss is there to keep order, sending out his minions to stop the attempts of his unruly employees to destroy this corporate world. 

Welcome to Office Quest. Designed to be played with 2+ players, explore the office as one of many white-collar workers, trying to beat the boss and his minions. Or, be the boss and keep your friends entrapped in their cubicle prison, forced to live out their lives in a white walled chamber, where fluorescent lights and the gurgling sound of the water cooler drive them to a sad state of madness.

The game features many hilarious cards, super charged office drones, hell bent on the destruction of your home life, useless staplers that are trapped in jello. Some interesting baddies, like a rogue office chair that spins out of control, or a copy machine that fires copies of unfinished TPS reports at passers by. The games heroes are just as quirky as the cards and enemies. You have Jack, having given up on his life as a paper pusher, he now shows up to work in a space helmet and his underwear. Lucas, stuck in the companies receiving department, he's found some solace by hiding in a big brown box.


The game plays similarly to many dungeon-style RPGs. Players will gain stats and use powers to try and make it through the trashed break room, the dirty restroom and to the bosses office for the ultimate battle: The battle for their freedom! 


We are working on coming up with different rewards for the people who support this game. Office hero swag, bonus game pieces and the most logical, copies of the game.
Once we get closer to a launch on KickStarter we will have a detailed list of what kind of goodies you can receive!

Art (Concepts)

Sometimes it's best to hide in a box.

A 3D print of one of the games characters. With his briefcase, underpants and space helmet, there's no way he won't succeed. (Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have!)

Neck ties; they make great headbands!

 Please check back soon for more updates!

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