CUBECOID XL: World's First Nano-Suction Electric Toothbrush Holder
CUBECOID XL: World's First Nano-Suction Electric Toothbrush Holder

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Made for Electric Toothbrushes & Toothpaste Tubes

Cubecoid XL will be manufactured in Canada out of aluminum.

Cubecoid XL uses nano-suction to stick onto your bathroom mirror.  It is the ultimate space saver for your electric toothbrush and toothpaste.

 It can be used over and over again without leaving any residue or adhesive behind. 

It frees up bathroom counter-top space. No drills. No permanent mounts. No screws.

The Problem

Ever had a messy bathroom counter-top? 
It's unhygienic and takes up valuable counter-top space.

The Solution

Our Story

The creation of Cubecoid XL started from the need to keep our bathroom counter-top clean and organized. We often found the area around our sink messy and we wanted to find a better solution. We looked around our bathroom and tried to see where else we can put our brushes and toothpaste tubes. We came to the idea of putting it on the mirror. But how could we do this without using screws and permanent mounts? We researched material that was able to stick onto surfaces without leaving any adhesives or residue. We were looking for a material that would not lose its suction power unlike adhesives. This is where the discovery of a nano-suction strip came from! We combined these two ideas together to create Cubecoid XL.

Cubecoid XL is super easy to clean unlike the traditional bulky toothbrush holders. It is also the perfect space saver as it sticks onto your bathroom mirror without the need of screws, permanent mounts and drills!

Easy to Clean

Frees up counter-top space + Re-usable

 Will it fit my electric toothbrush?

Most likely! Cubecoid XL can fit electric toothbrushes that are less than 1.5 inches in diameter. It also fits most toothpaste tubes.



Creation Process

Cubecoid XL went thru a few iterations before reaching the final version. The version used in this Kickstarter was 3D Printed but the final product will be made out of aluminum. 

Manufacturing Process

We are planning to manufacture Cubecoid XL here in Canada out of aluminum.

Stretch Goals

Stretch goals will be announced once we hit our funding goal.

Testimonials from our last Kickstarter

Funding Goal

Our funding goal is set to $4000 and these funds will be used to pay for tooling. We are planning to make Cubecoid XL out of high quality plastic with a matte finish. This material is light enough yet strong enough to hold electric toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes.

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