Cubecoid: World's First Nano-Suction Toothbrush Holder
Cubecoid: World's First Nano-Suction Toothbrush Holder

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Our Story.

I found myself getting late for work on many occasions. I would try to save some time by brushing and shaving in the shower. I didn't like putting my toothbrush and razor in the shower rack or on the ledge because it was unhygienic. 

I noticed that I had the same problem of placing my toothbrush on counter-tops whenever I was on vacation or travelling. This was very unhygienic and I wanted a better solution. I started searching for toothbrush holders on the web but could not find one that was minimalist in design as well as portable. I wanted something that I could use in the shower as well as in the bathroom.

After many months of prototyping, the Cubecoid was created. Nano-suction strips allowed me to place my Cubecoid in the shower and then place it on my bathroom mirror. I designed Cubecoid in a way that allowed for excess water from your toothbrush or razor to collect at the bottom of the holder. I now use the Cubecoid in my everyday life and I hope you do as well!

The Problem.

Most families store their toothbrushes in a single toothbrush holder or on a counter-top. According to an article on Huffington Post, bacteria can spread from one to the other if the heads are touching. This bacteria that can cause oral infections such as gingivitis as well as serious gum diseases.


The bottom of a traditional toothbrush holder is a playground for bacteria growth and nasty water buildup which is unattractive and unhygienic. 


The Solution.

According to BreathMD, a good toothbrush holder is one that holds the toothbrush upright, has good ventilation, and is made so other toothbrushes do not touch each other as to prevent cross contamination.

Introducing The Cubecoid.


 Cubecoid's Nano-Suction Strip.

What makes the Cubecoid different from every other toothbrush and razor holder out in the market right now? Nano-Suction.

The Cubecoid sticks to most flat and smooth non-porous surfaces such as mirrors, dry wall, tiles etc. and can be re-used over and over again without losing its grip! 

The Cubecoid leaves no residue and has no adhesive and can be moved over and over again!


The Cubecoid is super portable.


A look into Cubecoid's Nano-Suction strip.


 Do You Shave or Brush in The Shower?

Stick the Cubecoid in your shower to make shaving and brushing easier and keeping your brush and razor away from bacteria-filled ledges and shower racks.


Simply put your toothbrush or razor after sticking your Cubecoid!


Say goodbye to your old, bulky toothbrush holder.


We stripped away the bulkiness of traditional toothbrush holders while maintaining functionality.


 The Cubecoid is Sleek & Minimalist.


 Close up of the Cubecoid!


Choose from Silver or Black!


No More Toothbrush Touching.


Cleaning is super easy.

 No more bacteria and nasty water buildup. The Cubecoid is super easy to clean.


 The Cubecoid is designed to capture excess water that is left on your toothbrush or razor after use.


 The Cubecoid can be used over and over again. Simply use some tape or water to clean the Nano-Suction strip and it will work like new!






  The Cubecoid has a large enough opening to fit most large razors and toothbrushes. The opening is approximately 2.3 cm in length and width.




 The Cubecoid in Action.












After testing out several prototypes, we came with a design that was both functional and minimalist. We had originally thought of a wall-type design for the bottom of the Cubecoid that will help trap the excess water. However, with the help of our designer, we were able to come up with a solution that was more appealing and able to capture the excess water left behind from your toothbrush or razor. 




As you may already know, tooling costs are very high when it comes to creating a custom moulded product. We are investing a chunk of our own money which allows us to make our funding goal at the level it is right now in order to create more momentum once we hit out goal.

As of now, the Cubecoid will be made out of precision moulded Polycarbonate which is strong and durable. This material allows the Cubecoid to be lightweight and portable. It will then be finished with a coating of either Silver or Black depending on each backers' preference.







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