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Cube Hog

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Cube Hog is a 2-4 player card-based game that uses strategy, luck, memory, and sleight of hand to 'hog' more cubes than your opponents to win! 

 A Game For Everyone:




In Cubedom, all hogs seek out glory, power, and most importantly, fame. What is the best way to get these 3 things? The legendary golden cubes of course! King Cube offers these special cubes to the select few that venture forth to collect cubes for him. Four young adventurers seek to make their claim to fame by any means possible! Green Pig, Blue Pig, Yellow Pig, and Red Pig all don't have names yet! Check out our 'MVPiggy' backer reward to be able to name one in the rulebook!







Objective: In Cube Hog, your duty to the king requires you to collect the highest value cubes and stop others from stealing them back before the game ends.

Setup: Each player starts by choosing a colored hog figure and receiving five cubes of the corresponding color: either green, blue, yellow, or red. These cubes start face down to create chaos, a desire for information, and even the ability to use sleight of hand to outsmart the opposition. Players are then each dealt a facedown value card to determine their colored cube's value without showing any of the other players. Only you know your own value in the beginning.

Steal high-value cubes to out hog your opponents! 
Steal high-value cubes to out hog your opponents!

There are only 6 cards in the value deck that a player can be assigned. Two '1s', two '2s', and two '3s'

This creates a flawless system of ambiguity when trying to figure out other player's value cards. A player dealt a '1' value card will want to trick the other players into taking their cubes, while they try to acquire cubes of a higher value themselves. A player dealt a '3' value card will want to focus on maintaining their own color cubes and remembering where those cubes go when taken.


Play: The deck of 48 action cards is shuffled and 3 are dealt to each player. Every time a card is played, the player draws back up to 3 (if possible). Action cards are all different and each one is more optimal in different situations. Some can be used to steal cubes or to flip cubes color side up for all to see. Some action cards allow you to peek at other players' value cards or even change the value. The goal of the game is to use action cards to swap or steal cubes in order to have the highest amount of cube value at the end of the round. 

Use sleight of hand to fool your opponents when they aren't looking, but don't forget what color your own cubes are! 
Use sleight of hand to fool your opponents when they aren't looking, but don't forget what color your own cubes are!

There are two different ways to play Cube Hog:

Quickplay is the fastest way to play Cube Hog. In quickplay, a game takes 10-15 minutes to play. Perfect for just a quick game or two!

Competitive play consists of multiple rounds of Cube Hog. 1 round is the same as one quickplay game!

Each round won rewards a player with a gold cube. In this game the "Gold Cube" card is shuffled into the deck, which when played puts an additional gold cube into the game. This allows 2 gold cubes to be won by players every game of Cube Hog. The first player to win 3 gold cubes wins the game! Competitive play takes ~45 minutes to play!






If you want to get Cube Hog into your hands, look no further! We have various backer goals to give you many options to become part of our team!


Bacon and Love ($1): Every bit counts! We show our appreciation for every single one of our backers by sending a personal one-of-a-kind thank you. We will send you campaign updates and provide you with some behind the scenes artwork and game files that show the growth of Cube Hog over time!

The Cube Hog ($22): Do you want to just play Cube Hog? This is for you. Here you get the base game as well as all of our updates and of course our personal just for you thank you! :)

King's Grace ($35): Appease King Cube even more by getting the game and a limited Kickstarter exclusive 2.5" x 2.5" x 2.5" 3D printed, handpainted by the developers, King Cube player token! King Cube can be used as a player figure, as a 1st player marker, or just to watch over you while you do his bidding!


Two Strips of Bacon ($40): You just can't get enough, can you? Two strips of bacon for those who just aren't satisfied with one! Here you get two copies of Cube Hog.

Piggy Fashion ($50): For the most fashionable piggies! Get the game as well as our limited edition Cube Hog shirt! The Cube Hog shirt features the Cube Hog logo on the front and a pig's tail on the bottom back. You will be able to choose between a long sleeve or a regular t-shirt. (Wearing the shirt while playing may give you a competitive advantage.... but probably not)


The Real Hog ($60): How else could you truly find your place in Cubedom without both King Cube and the latest piggy fashion? For those who want both, and deserve both!

Custom Piggy ($70): Ever want to pigify yourself? With this premium package, we will give you both the game and your own custom 3D pig made by the developers. Want it to look like you, your dad, or maybe your favorite TV show character? We will take our base pig figure and create the accessories and features that you want! Goatee and glasses? Sure. Bandana and headphones. Why not? If you order this, we will contact you to work with what you want!

This is it. The biggest hog. The exclusive. The MVPiggy. ($500)

Do you want to help us out as much as possible? YOU are in the right place. 

As the MVPiggy, you get a developer signed copy of Cube Hog, the limited edition Cube Hog shirt, and the big boy himself, King Cube. Not only that, but you get to name one of the four main pigs! (Green, Blue, Yellow, or Red) These are the pigs that every Cube Hog player takes the role of when they play! Take a peek at our rulebook's story and you'll see where your named pig will be shining for all players to see! The developers will be in contact with you and have to approve of the name desired to be used!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! In addition to your named pig, we will 3D print out an extra large 5" x 5" x 5" version of your pig with your name inscribed on it! Along with a handwritten love filled thank you from the developers, you don't even have to worry about shipping, it's the least we could do in return!





200% Kickstarter Special Edition Box- All backers receive limited edition Kickstarter Cube Hog boxes instead of standard Cube Hog boxes. The box design is to be announced.

400% Add a 5th player to Cube Hog- We have some ideas and have played with the concept of how a fifth pig would affect the game. At this backing goal, we will continue testing and optimize the game rules for a 5th player. This would include 1 new pig figure, 5 more player cubes, and probably a few additional cards! If we get this goal, we anticipate our testing and design to take place during the few months of preproduction. This goal is unlikely to affect the shipping date.

800% Premium Magnetic Box- Upgrades all of our Kickstarter exclusive Cube Hog boxes to the high class, super fancy magnetic box. Only all of you, our backers, will get this exclusive box!


Meet the Developers:

We want all of you to know who we are! We are TowerShield. A new company founded by Thibault Corens and Tyler Damm! That's us, the developers of Cube Hog! We are both seniors at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. What started out for us as a project, quickly turned into a passion when we saw people laughing and having a blast with Cube Hog!

Tyler Damm and Thibault Corens (Left) - Kaley Price, the artist behind Cube Hog (Right) 
Tyler Damm and Thibault Corens (Left) - Kaley Price, the artist behind Cube Hog (Right)

Our amazing artist is Kaley Price, a fellow Purdue Student who created ALL of our cute 2D minimalist style pigs for Cube Hog! We also have had a ton of help from additional friends, family, and staff here at Purdue. Below is a very candid and fun video we made in one take to learn more about each other. We figured this would be a great introduction to who we are!

If you want to support us but you are not finding the combination of rewards that you desire or you just feel like ordering a million copies of Cube Hog, don't hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to figure something out!

If you live in the West Lafayette, IN area, and are willing to, you can pick up the game, and we will refund you for shipping, once we start shipping! Just shoot us an email if you have any additional questions!

Additional Credits:

Josh Hocker / Madison Rosen  

Tony Bushner / Hilde Cloostermans-Huwaert / Diana Damm / Anna-Nikol Georgiev / Gianna Groebner / Andrew Hopman / Gabriela Malave / Anna Modica / Brittany VanVleet / Clément Villegas

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