CrowPi- Lead You Go from Zero to Hero!
CrowPi- Lead You Go from Zero to Hero!

This project has already launched.

CrowPi is an amazing kit to help you learn computer science, programming, electronics and master Raspberry Pi.

What's CrowPi?

CrowPi is a development board equipped with 7 inch display that can help you learn Raspberry Pi in an easier way.   

With CrowPi, not only you can learn basic computer science but also practice programming and complete numerous electronic projects.

CrowPi can improve your knowledge and ability in hardware and software related fields, specially designed to help you develop python programming skills.  

Why do you need CrowPi? 

Before you answer this question, let’s do a simple quiz game. Do you face the problems below? Just say YES or NO.

  • You’re interested in electronics or Raspberry Pi, but you have no idea how to start.  
  • You’re passionate about STEM education, but you can’t find useful and easy materials to teach with.  
  • You’re using Raspberry Pi, but you don’t make the most of it. You completed some simple experiments, and you want to explore more projects and dive deeper into the electronics world. 

If you say YES once, CrowPi is born for you. CrowPi will help you solve all the problems mentioned above.  

Here comes the easy way. As you know, no matter how difficult the project seems to be, the basic principle is the same. CrowPi can help you master all the fundamental knowledge of how to get started using Raspberry Pi by doing hands-on projects.  

What’s the advantages of CrowPi?

CrowPi has many advantages compared to the traditional ways of DIY electronics. You can start some projects instantly and easily with CrowPi. It's very convenient to carry CrowPi with us because of the neat case and compact layout.

  • All-in-One Kit, CrowPi embeds regular materials for doing RPI projects
  • Printed user manual and step by step digital tutorial
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 2/3 and Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Portable, you can take CrowPi anywhere you want
  • Can be extended and upgraded
  • Can be used as a computer  
  • Status LED indicates which sensor is currently working
  • Useful for any age at any level
  • 4 Different Colors available

What can you do with CrowPi?

Once you install the Raspberry Pi board with CrowPi, you're ready for making endless possibilities. Let's see a few projects for warming up.

You can also build more complicated project all by yourself after you master the fundamental knowledge, for example, Bluetooth or Wifi wireless control, face recognition, gesture control and so on.

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