Crown of Tines
Crown of Tines

Crown of Tines is based off of an occult card game for 3 to 8 players originally played in the salons of  the French Court in the 17th century. The game experienced a brief revival in the mid-1800's thanks to renewed interest in the American Spiritualist community, but quickly faded away due to controversy surrounding it's origins. Now, the Triskelion Society is happy to restore and remaster this fascinating game for a whole new generation of players!


A totem which bestows control over the world’s destiny. It is not a literal crown, but a symbol for the dominion its bearer holds.

The tines represent the many branching paths open to the world; each diverging and extending in many different directions, but all connecting back to the head of their one overseer.

How this power came to be embodied within this secret and ancient game is a mystery.


Each Mask is an avatar of a different path of destiny open to the world. Though not deities, they are held in a sacred reverence as representatives of the natural forces which manipulate the course of history. A player "wears" a Mask during the game to act as its stand-in during the competition for the Crown, and their cards represent the forces of mankind which the Mask manipulates for its cause.   

For an example of play, watch the video above!


In Crown of Tines, players attempt to eliminate each other and become the last one standing. On a player's turn they can Battle, Recover, or Guard. Guarding places a face-down card to be used defensively. Recovering returns discarded cards to a player's deck. 

Battling challenges another player with any number of face-down cards from their hand. The challenged player uses any of their own cards to defend themselves and the highest total wins. If the attacker wins, the defender loses a Tine token and comes closer to elimination. But should the defender win, they may invoke the power of their unique Mask card and grow stronger, putting them in better position to win in the future. 

Only through clever bluffing, risk-taking, and strategy can a player outlast the others and ultimately take the Crown!

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