Mission Statement

We seek to give power back to the people. Through lobbying efforts, we create an avenue for Americans to influence their government and have their voices heard. We support democratic institutions and believe in the true power of the people.

Problem & Solution

Problems Worth Solving

The American government is controlled by corporate and special interests, instead of its voters.

The wants and needs of everyday Americans are regularly being overridden after Election Day, when our government becomes dominated by corporate and special interests. The problem is only getting worse.

Most of this power comes from lobbying, which influences legislation on behalf of corporate and special interest. Studies have shown that lobbying can have a return in excess of $220 for every $1 spent on lobbying efforts.* Unfortunately, lobbying is too expensive for the average American.


Our solution

Until now! CrowdLobby brings the power of crowdfunding to lobbying on behalf of average Americans. We combine many small donations to hire lobbyists on behalf of the American people, for issues that we all care about.

Standing together, Americans can use the same top-notch lobbying talent to stand up against corporate and special interests. It's time to take our power back and have a voice in what our government does.

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