Crowdfunding Marketing Promotion prelaunch
Crowdfunding Marketing Promotion prelaunch

Advanced Media Marketing

Crowdfunding Marketing prelaunch

There is millions available for individuals and businesses with the revolution of crowdfunding.

The main problem with being succesful with crowdfunding is the right exposure.

To get the maximum exsposure of your idea and get it infront of the right people, you need an engaging press release, great social media exposure and the right backlinks.

Advanced Media Marketing is here to save you the pain and hassle of getting no to little exposure.

Here's what we will be offering to our clients:

- Guaranteed inclusion of your press release to 1,000 major online newspapers including the Associated Press.

- 100,000 journalists and bloggers will receive your press release

- 20,000 Guaranteed Targeted backlinks to blogs that support your type of product

- 20,000 Guaranteed backlinks of your crowdfunding page to crowdfunding blogs

- professionally written press release.

- Twitter promotion.

- Video attachments to the press release

- Photo attachments the the press release

- All links to you Crowdfunding campaign will be visible in google, yahoo and bing search engines.

We have the best system to get your crowdfunding idea to the right audience.

You will be able to reach millions of potential backers daily.


Our price will be $109.99 for our total media package.

Our prelaunch price is $25.00








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