CrowdBucks ~ The Social Currency
CrowdBucks ~ The Social Currency

CrowdBucks ~ The Social Currency

CrowdBucks ~ Join The New "Social Economy" Support our new initiative and help change the world!

Making the world a better place by helping to reinvent our increasingly out-dated, unfair and unsustainable monetary systems.

CrowdBucks is a revolutionary new social trading initiative. The CrowdBucks commerce platform provides an innovative peer-to-peer trading system, enabling the deep democratization of our shared economy. CrowdBucks is designed as a robust network of networks, a place where we can all trade in the goods and services we need, sidestepping the increasing instability of fiat currency and the increasingly shaky banking system. For more details watch this video:

Support CrowdBucks:  the essential engine for our shared social-economic future:


CrowdBucks is the emerging leader in democratizing access to peer-to-peer trading. We're building a unique grassroots platform with a dynamic engine which provides an easy-to-use online social business platform and marketplace.

We all see the power that the big banks exercise. We all see how cavalier their behaviour can be, and how that can lead to corruption that harms our communities and economies.

There is a better way to manage money and trade for our shared future.  We can create new networked economies based on flexible new digital currency systems that are interest-free, value-based and backed by real goods and services.

Our unique and innovative platform will provide all the tools necessary for the development of a new kind of ecosystem for managing financial transactions online, operating parallel to conventional international banking and trade systems. There are two elements to this.

Our own CBCoin format will be built using blockchain technology and will, in turn, underpin community Trade Dollar formats which trading communities can create and use collaboratively.

And our website will provide a networking platform where communities can trade in the goods and services they need, across an inter-connected network of Trade Networks, an ecosystem with unlimited potential.

CrowdBucks is an alternative for a better future, a better economy, and a better approach to community business.

CrowdBucks is a unique approach for our changing times and will become the essential partner for community-focused trade.

CrowdBucks isn’t just another tech startup. We’ve got a very distinctive mission, and a very distinctive non-profit model. We’re not in this for a multi-billion-dollar valuation. We’re in this to change the world, to drive a new and innovative approach to money. We’re in this to enable a revolution into peer-to-peer trade, and to show that there’s a better way to conduct trade that sidelines the power of the banks.

CrowdBucks is Not Just an Alternative to Banks :


 Building Momentum

Right now, we need your support to start making the change that we all need.

Our initial funding figure here is our "good start" target. Meeting this funding goal will enable us to:

  • Hire an initial operations team to work on our new platform, so that we can look to move it out of early beta to a fully functional network. At a minimum, we will need to hire at least one additional developer to help complete our new platform. The more money we get in, the more jobs we can offer, and the faster we can make progress.
  • Begin to secure some of the hardware we need to ensure we have stable hosting nodes that can handle the currency and trading data load. We expect to be starting with an initial facility in Canada and plan to help others elsewhere to set up a growing set of distributed trading hubs.
  • Launch our initial CBCoin digital currency on the Bittrex digital exchange. This new value-backed currency will be the initial fuel for powering the CrowdBucks commerce engine and underpinning the continued development of the network. 

We're running this as a flexible appeal. The more support we gain, the more we can do. If we exceed our targetted figure, that means we can hire a larger team, faster; it cuts down the time it will take us to get CrowdBucks fully functional. And we can devote additional money to further fundraising, snowballing our development.

CrowdBucks ~ Not just another Bitcoin-style crypto-currency:



Support the revolution

In addition to financial support for CrowdBucks, we could also use your direct support as we build CrowdBucks into an integrated engine which can drive positive change in our shared economies.

  • Be an early adopter. You can sign up for CrowdBucks and help start a Trade Network right now. Or, you will soon be able to buy CBCoin on; we're launching our initial Crowdsale soon, and CrowdBucks is expected to trade on other digital exchanges on an ongoing basis after that.
  • Help spread the word. Use Twitter to highlight what we're doing as we build the project: our crowdfunding campaign here on Indiegogo, our CBCoin Crowdsale on Bittrex, and CrowdBucks project news as we tweet it. Or connect with us on LinkedIn and watch us grow.
  • Join the team. Dig our chili? Well, we're looking for folks like you to come on board and help take our project forward. People who believe in the change-making potential of our platform, and want to make a real difference. CrowdBucks will be run by a globally distributed team, so you can work from anywhere in the world. We'll be advertising roles as we gain the ability to fund them.

Who we are

CrowdBucks has been founded by Neil Peters. A seasoned technology veteran with over 40 years of experience in a variety of IT-related roles, Neil has developed CrowdBucks as a labor of love. He's been shepherding early development for 4 years. And he's sold the farm (literally) to pay for it.CrowdBucks' advisors include a formidable array of experts in progressive economics, including Thomas H. Greco, Bernard A. Lietaer, Paul Grignon, Matthew Slater, Michael Contardi, and others.

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