Crowd Funded Private Island
Crowd Funded Private Island



Most people only dream of owning a private island, but we are making it a reality. We want to create the ideal experience for your family and friends to visit. Perfect for both enjoying our limited time left on this earth as well as creating new memories with the ones we love.




We've analyzed the market, looked at comparables, found the best deal, and worked out a financial model so that The Island can self sustain. We just need to know how many people are interested in this sort of an offer before pumping more time, money, and energy into actually making this a reality. Here is how it works:


 1.  Pay an upfront fee to buy gauranteed 3 days access and part ownership of the island.  Packages ranges from $150 to $5,000.  That gets you the ownership.

2.  Then to pay for upkeep, maintance and UNLIMITED access you pay $9/month.  How our unlimited access works is through a reservation calendar.  Each member has 3 gauranteed days that they can reserve a year in advance.  However, if no one has reserved the island, you are completely free to come and go as you please.  Access completely unlimited as long as your spot on the island isn't reserved by another pledge member.

3.  Know you own part of The Island, enjoy :)


Hammock: Between the trees and under the stars, Hammock included ~ $150


Bunk: Shack up with some lovable strangers, soon to be friends ~ $249


Bungalow: Your own private room and shower, sleeps 4 ~ $999


Master: Private shower, 360 degree views of The Island from elevated suite. Delux ~ $1,199


Master + Bungalow: Access to both the master suite and a bungalow for children/guests ~$1,999


Whole Island: Get the whole Island to yourself and your guests. Sleeps 22 in beds, unlimited in tents ~ $5,000


Email to make suggestions or for more information be sure to sign up for our email updates.

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