CrossRoad Media Teen Curriculum
CrossRoad Media Teen Curriculum


CrossRoad Media is a new online Christian media ministry run by Dr. Steve Oliver (PhD in New Testament). Our first project is an ongoing curriculum for teens or young adults. The plan is to create short videos giving practical, biblical perspectives on issues that young people face, and make these available free on YouTube. 

The curriculum will be built around these videos, and will include Powerpoints or Prezis, leader guides, study guides, etc. It will also be available in audio-only format, so it can be used in settings where video equipment is unavailable or impractical. Each topic will probably take 4-6 lessons to cover, but I'm more concerned about covering the topic thoroughly and keeping it fun and interesting than about sticking to a specific number of lessons.

The entire curriculum will be available to download for a fee (probably $10/week, but that's yet to be solidly decided), and there will likely be discounts for smaller churches/ministries. After this initial project is funded, the goal is to make CrossRoad Media self-supporting as quickly as possible while keeping the products affordable for everyone.

There's lots more information on the video, so please take 7 minutes and 19 seconds to learn more.

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